Sunday, 28 October 2012

Running for cover?

The headline which greeted me this morning on the News Feed was that many 'Stars' of the 1970s and 80s are deeply concerned about the Savile Enquiry currently being conducted by the Metropolitan Police. The report mentions that many worry that their 'hedonistic' lifestyles back then may have left them open to accusations of abuse of minors ...

Pigeons coming home to roost sprang to mind. I see that already someone, presumably in Scotland since I saw it on a blog favouring Scottish independence, has drawn up a list of Labour councillors, MPs and luminaries who also have 'form' in this prediliction. Plus, I note that Gary Glitter has been arrested again. Yes, I expect there are a lot more 'Stars' - who the last government showered in 'Honours' like Savile's Knight Bachelor - who are dreading a knock at the door and a visit from Mr Plod or his mates.

What this affair is doing is exposing to view the emptiness of the self-promotion and adulation of 'celebrities' who often have very little talent beyond knowing how to take advantage of any and every opportunity to advance their own interests. It is a shame it has been allowed to reach this point.

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