Sunday, 18 November 2012

Hopefully this will bring a little balance ...

I commend to readers the new website Climate Dialogue. It has been set up with the view of putting the arguments between scientists on the question of climate change into perspective. Instead of name calling and arguments, this site has been set up to provide people with opposing views a platform on which to air them and set out why they consider their argument has merit. It is driven by the Dutch Government's recognition that the errors of fact and biased reporting of the IPCC has given a very unbalanced view of what is happening to the climate and what is really driving it. They have had the courage to admit that there is uncertainty and instructed that both sides must be heard.

The people behind Climate Dialogue plan to invite prominent climate scientists to respond to questions and topics and will be inviting people from BOTH sides of the argument. That can only be a good thing.

Like most people, I am not a "climate scientist." There are, in fact, very few of them, but there are an awful lot of 'climate activists' who have grabbed little bits of the science and spun it together to create a doomsday picture which suits their world view. Like most vociferous groups, they get a lot of media exposure, peddling some often very dodgy data to support their claims.

Hopefully this new site will give us all a chance to examine the arguments and the data for ourselves and see where the uncertainties lie. Most of us do recognise that the climate is changing, we don't agree with the extremist view that it is all down to an increase in a trace gas that makes up less than 0.1% of the atmosphere, and if you read the scientists papers carefully (I know, my head hurts with some of them) you find that the vast majority of them don't either.

So, let's support Climate Dialogue. The first post is up and it is an interesting one.

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