Thursday, 15 November 2012

One to raise a laugh ...

I think the 'environmentalist' mantra of the great big evil 'C' - shorthand for "Carbon Dioxide" but now reported everywhere as "carbon" - has finally hit the just plain ludicrous. I followed a commentators link a day or so ago to Climate Realists, and found a very entertaining piece entitled "Carbon Free Sugar;  Science free environmentalism."

In a recent exchange with an environmentalist I was informed, patronisingly, that 'carbon' was the new 'scientific' shorthand for CO2, Methane and all the other forms of gas which include 'carbon.' According to this self-taught 'scientist' the new "Greenspeak" is to refer to all carbonaceous emissions as "e-carbon." Well, if you read the hilarious article in Climate Realists under the link above, you'll see why I'm laughing.

"Carbon free sugar" (Chemical composition C6H12O6)will be interesting. Presumably the Carbon has been replaced by Silicone. Though how you get the chemistry out of H2O beats me ...

As the author of the Climate Realist article says - we now have entirely science free environmentalism. Wonderful.

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