Sunday, 6 January 2013

Growing fast

Harry is now growing fast. Since he came to live with us, he's almost doubled in weight, and is both taller and longer as you'd expect. He's very active and learns extremely quickly, usually you only have to show him something a few times and he'll remember it. One thing he learned very quickly, is that there are good things in the refrigerator - if someone can be persuaded to open it, take something out and 'drop' it. Not unnaturally we've tried to discourage this particular association!

Our walks are getting longer, and the encounters with other dogs are no longer an occasion for fear for him. According to our vet he's doing fine, coming on exactly as he should and her "dogs v human ages" chart suggests we are about to have to deal with a teenager ...

Still his behaviour at the puppy school is drawing some praise, he's the smallest and youngest there, but already learning fast how to protect himself from bigger and more boisterous dogs. This time out he played enthiusiastically with a five month old Sheltie - eventually. At first his new 'friend' was a bit too big and bowled him over. Then he realised that he could turn faster and evade the other dog - if he dodged between people's legs, other objects and doubled back suddenly. From there on, it was "game on."

One thing surprised everyone, was his response to my Bosun's Call. One long whistle draws his attention and stops him in his tracks, three shorts calls him to me - and, in front of all the other pups, he came straight to me when signalled, not just once, but he even repeated the trick later confirming his understanding of it.

He's a great little guy - but camera shy. Produce the camera and he tries to grab it. So, I'll be trying to sneak a few when he's not looking in future ...

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