Friday, 4 January 2013

The Falklands Anniversary

I find it interesting that the Guardian, probably the least patriotic newspaper in British history, chooses to publish, on the anniversary of the Falklands War coming to an end, a letter from the Argentine President demanding the "return of the Malvinas." Once again she tries to push the fiction that the British evicted a"setttled" Argetinian presence in 1812. The facts speak rather differently on this topic - Scottish and American whalers were driven out of Stanley Harbour by an Argentinian frigate which then laid claim to the islands - and left having destroyed the whalers huts and facilities.

When they returned - some say with "settlers" they found a British frigate and settlement of Scottish and English farmers in possession. Out gunned and out manoeuvred, they left. The Argentinians have never "possessed" they islands and their claim is based entirely on the Papal Division of the world between Spain and Portugal, a division the British, Dutch, Dames and many others have never recognised and never will.

As usual, the Guardian is showing its true colours in this. We should not forget that they were among the most strident advocates of doing nothing and simply abandoning the Falklanders to the Argentinian invaders in 1982. Even now they seem to be in favour of handing the islands over and throwing the islanders to the proverbial lions. In this I am in total agreement with Mr Cameron, it is not for the useless UN General Assembly, Mrs Clinton, the Argentinians or the Guardian to decide who should "possess" the Falkland Islands - it is for the Falkland Islanders alone. They, and they alone, can decide who they wish to be ruled by or a part of.

As usual, the Argentinian President has raised this issue on the anniversary of their invasion forces being thrown out of the islands, and, as usual, they are attempting to use it to distract their own people from the disastrous state of their economy. Nothing like whipping up a bit of patriotic zealotry to take peoples minds off the mega inflation, lawlessness and collapsing economy.

We can only hope that Cameron's government has not cut our armed forces to the point at which we could no longer defend the Falklanders. This is about a far more important principle than "possession" of the islands - it is about the right of the people who live in a territory to decide who rules them, what language they speak and how they live their lives. That is why I believe the Guardian's support for the Argentinian claim shows their true colours - a complete contempt for the will of anybody they disapprove of. And at present, the Falklanders are on the list of people the Guardian does not like.

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