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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Some Common Sense?

I rarely read the Daily Mirror, I think the last time I actually held a copy in my hand was sometime in the 1970s. Yesterday The Postulant sent me a Tweeted link, to an article by The Fleet Street Fox entitled "Eastleigh was a failure all round because our politicians are Daleks."

Frankly, he puts the problem in a nutshell. Our politicans might as well be resident on one of Jupiter's moons. They are so far out of contact with reality they can't be on our own or even on Mars. I've been following the row over the "bedroom" tax and that is certainly yet another example of their loss of contact with real people and real living costs and conditions. The tax hits the armed forces (NOT all of whom live in "Barracks" as the Minister thinks), the disabled, and those on low incomes - but the relevant Minister claims it doesn't.

The Fleet Street Fox says it very well. I urge you to read his article.

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