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Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Church and Relevance ...

I found a very good article on Bishop Nicholas Baines' blog on Good Friday. His comments on the manner in which the UK media choose to attack the Church at Easter are, in my view, very 'relevant.' I therefore commend to my readers the Bishop's post.

In our present times, 'relevance' seems to mean whatever the latest pressure group, or the latest fashion in political correctness may be. There is seldom any consideration of the deeper issues involved or of the consequences. The media claim to be 'following' 'public opion' in much of thise, yet, at the same time, also claim to 'form' it.

The question therefore is not 'is the Church relevant,' but who is making that determination of 'relevance?' I would suggest that it is not the 'public' but a rather smaller group whose opinions are written and promoted in the 'media' and which the 'public' take as being 'fact.'

For me the question when any change is suggested to my understanding of doctrine, scripture or practice is this. What would Christ say? That is all that is 'relevant.' I may not like the answer either ...

1 comment:

  1. Slim Jim says:

    A happy and peaceful Easter to you and yours, O Monk! You are correct in your observations, but the relentless onslaught of the Dark Forces (secularists, atheists, radical feminists, Trots, commies, socialists, fascists, and there's more...) will continue. Then, like Herostratus, they will stand amongst the ruins, and it will be destroyed. Their response will be to blame someone else, of course...