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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A lady of compassion ...

The Left's well established 'Spitting Image' caricature of the late Margaret, Baroness Thatcher, is of a heartless, strident, bullying woman, always sneering, always snatching money from the poor to give to the rich. It is just that, a caricature, nothing like the real person at all, and the creation of those who saw her as a threat to their idyllic vision of Britain as a socialist Utopia. When she took office in 1979, the UK was broke. Industry was struggling to manage on a three day week, power cuts were endemic, the Miners under Scargill had brought down the Callaghan government (they were demanding a 42% wage increase at the time) and promptly declared war on the new Conservative government.

In the selling off of council housing, often used by some to keep their voters in line, she gave everyone with the ability to escape the strait jacket of council housing the chance to do so. It is said she should have seen to it that the money was spent on new housing. The truth is that the law actually said this was what the money should be spent on, but the largely Labour run councils who benefited from the sale of their run down housing, didn't. Yes, she benefitted from the North Sea gas and oil field revenues, but let us not forget that she first had to beat the Unions that tried their luck to wreck that bonanza as well. But now we have young morons raging about how she 'destroyed the UK's industries, destroyed the education' and 'sold off their future.' No mention in their mantras of the role of the Unions and certainly no mention of the Left's utter incompetence in managing any economy.

There are many stories of simple acts of kindness, of care taken of junior members of her staff and even letters written in reply to children while she was in office that give the lie to these slurs. Some very good examples are given on the blog Archbishop Cranmer, under the title, Margaret Thatcher - cold blooded, heartless and cantankerous? Perhaps the most telling from none other than Anthony Wedgewood-Benn (the multi-millionaire former peer and diehard Marxist who prefered to be known as 'Tony Benn').

He wrote (and told several others) -

"I remember her at the funeral of MP Eric Heffer ... someone behind me (was) coughing. It was Mrs Thatcher, and at the end I thanked her for coming and she burst into tears. She had come out of respect for someone whose opinions she disagreed with."

Now, I wonder of we will see any of her detractors showing similar respect and compassion? Probably not. They don't do compassion. Patronising, vilification, bullying, lying, spin and propaganda - these are the stock-in-trade of the left, not compassion and as for showing respect for an opponent or their views ...

Forget it. Today the Union Flag is flying at 'the dip' - the width of the flag below the full hoist - in memory of a Prime Minister who got a lot wrong, but pulled the UK out of the mire of socialist 'public ownership/union management.'

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