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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Who Built a Pyramid in the Sea of Galilee?

Archaeologists are trying to raise the money to examine a strange structure roughly half a kilometer from the shore of the Sea of Gaililee. The submerged structure is conical and apparnetly man-made. It is not entirely unknown to locals, and it appears the archaeologists have known about it for some time as well. The problem is that to examine it would require working underwater at depths down to 15 metres. That limits the time anyone can work and to complicate things, the Sea is full of fine silt. Any movement disturbs this and the already murky water becomes even more opaque.

The experts are convinced the structure is man-made, but that raises a number of important questions, not least being when? That's quickly followed by "why" and "who"?

What is certain is that none of these questions will be answered until someone does undertake a close examination of the structure - and that is going to take a lot of time and money. As I understand it, the Sea of Galilee has exosted within its present shoreline for roughly 15,000 years. The 'cone' is made up of around 60,000 tons of local stone, which will have taken a lot of manpower to shift. The base is buried in silt, but roughy 12 metres of it is above the silt and it rises to within 3 metres of the surface.

Although it has been 'local knowledge' for a long time, it was only recently that a sonar survey of the lake revealed its all too regular shape and structure. Now it remains only to raise the millions of Dollars, Dinar or Pounds it will need to carry out the careful and detailed examination it calls for.

More can be read at Talking Points under "Submerged Structure Beneath Sea of Galilee".

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  1. Cool... I hope some rich person finances it and we get to see the details!