Thursday, 15 August 2013

Here's another fine mess ...

I keep promising myself I'm not going to get provoked into commenting on the mess "multi-culturalism" and the collective liberal-left guilt complex has got the UK into, but sometimes I just can't avoid it. This article in the Daily Telegraph really got me going. I'm not going to say anything more on it, please read it yourselves.

In my view the judge, who let of a rapist for 'his being naive and ignorant of the law', should be sacked. The legal prinicple is that ignorance of the law is no defence. But perhaps in the UK enforcing that today on an ethnic minority member is considered racist. The real trouble is that our political classes are afraid of confronting this mess. They know it is happening, they know it requires firm action, but they won't take it for fear of sparking Enoch Powell's prediction. The question is now; how much worse must it get before they are forced to deal with the mess created by Blair and his luvvies in the first instance and now perpetuated by his successors?

This is not an isolated case, it is one among thousands, the tip of a very large and very dangerous iceberg. It must be stopped, destroyed and broken up - but I suspect the political classes and the civil servants who actually direct the whole mess, haven't got the guts for it.

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