Thursday, 1 August 2013

More Travels with Harry

Travelling with Harry has been interesting, not least for what it has taught us about how dogs are received by different people. Ironically the welcome at the High Sung Mass in Tewkesbury Abbey yesterday included Harry's accompanying us to the Communion rail where he received a blessing as we received the Host. He behaved beautifully and seemed to be perfectly "at home" in this awe inspiring building.

He obviously enjoys being able to run off the leash in the park behind the Abbey and on the Hamm, the great water meadow sandwiched between the Old Avon, Mill Avon and the Severn. Surpirising is the number of people who haven't encountered a Sheltie before, or who are surprised by his gentleness. For us it is pure pleasure to watch his obvious enjoyment of each new experience. Here are some pictures to enjoy.

Mausi and Harry almost being blown away at Sennen Cove.
By contrast, the tranquil waters of Tintagel, The Haven, while above and out to sea, the wind was something else ...
Harry enjoying the cool tiles of the Quire floor in the Abbey this morning.

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