Thursday, 13 March 2014

One speech you won't see widely reported in the UK ...

The Prime Minister gave a very interesting and strongly pro-Israel speech in the Knesset recently as reported in the Blog "The Elder of Zyon". I'm pretty sure the pro-Palestinian Foreign Office apparatchiks will be seething and I am even more certain it will have the usual anti-Israel rentamobs up in arms on our university campuses. It will probably also cost him votes in all the colonised Islamic constituencies of the UK.

Now it remains to be seen whether Mr Cameron can and will deliver on some of his promises. Of one thing I can be very sure, if Ed Miliband wins the next election, it will be back to the anti-Israel situation of the past. Labour did its best to prevent the establishment of the state of Israel, and is strongly alligned to the boycott, sanctions and disinvestment campaign. In recent years their electorate has shifted more and more to the Islamic population, and much of the legislation of the last Labour government provided the platform for the very stunts Mr Cameron mentions in his reference to attempts at 'citizens arrests' of visiting heads of state and public figures.

I shall watch the way this develops over the next eighteen months, with interest. But, given the history, and given the demographic shifts Britain has and is still experiencing with migration from strongly anti-Israel populations, I have no great hopes of any major advances in the attitudes to Israel or the countries achievements.

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