Saturday, 19 July 2014

Tragedy In Ukraine

The shooting down of the Malaysia Airlines flight 17 must rank as one of the great atrocities of recent times. Who shot bit down will, I'm sure, continue to be argued for some time to come, though the evidence of radio and mobile phone conversations does seem to point to the separatists. The BBC report on it on the Internet was about as bland as you can get. No mention of who might be involved, some images of wreckage and some rather bland words about the 'tragic loss of life'.

As usual the 'comments' on the Internet report were from all points of view, ranging from the serious and informed, to the downright stupid - like one idiot who proclaimed that because he couldn't see any bodies in the pictures, and one showed a man in an ordinary overall among the wreckage, that it was 'staged'. According to him it was 'faked' to whip up support for the Ukrainian government. I'm glad to say that around 50 commenters tore his argument apart - but people like that are a large part of the problem we all face in society today. Ignorant, ill-informed, but convinced of their own genius and infallibility on any and every subject. The perfect fodder for those seeking to create support for any anti-society 'cause'.

Regardless of the rights and wrongs of what is happening in Ukraine, once again we have an example of fanatics engaged in a dangerous game designed to seize power from those they refuse to acknowledge as having any rights, and supported by the usual shadowy figures 'managing' the real power from behind the screen.

The tragic loss of 295 lives embarking on a holiday, business or returning from either, is a stain on all of humanity. Now it is up to Mr Putin and the Western Leaders to pull the rug from under those responsible - and I think we can be very sure they already know - and put a stop to the lunatic activities of a small group of disaffected Russian migrants who will bring down the whole Ukrainian population if they are allowed to continue. This is yet another running sore in human history, yet another lesson for those who welcome 'popular revolts' to change 'regimes'. Those who welcomed the 'Arab Spring' should look carefully at what it has brought, and consider even more carefully the consequences of a division of Ukraine.

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