Monday, 8 September 2014

A step too far ...

The German people are, I find, generally pretty tolerant. Politically, they tend to bend over backwards to try not to be 'oppressive' and to tolerate the little foibles and quirks many immigrant communities bring with them. But there are some things they will not give ground on, and one of these is the law of the land.

Like many other European nations, Germany finds itself host to a growing Muslim population, and is quite comfortable with their presence. However, in recent years, a group known as 'Salafisten' have come to prominence, actively driving people to 'convert' to Islam, and agitating for a very strict and conservative form of Islam to be practiced. Where, a few years ago, Muslim women living here hardly ever wore the Hijab or the Burkha, these are now becoming more visible, as are the little 'gazebo' tents at weekends in public squares and shopping centres manned by obviously European young men in Arab dress, sporting the de rigeur Mujaheddin beard, and enthusiastically handing out 'free' copies of the Qu'ran.

However, they haven't confined their activities simply to that. The 'Salafists' are the chief recruiters for the ISIL it appears, with over 400 known 'jihadis' having 'gone East' to fight in Syria, most converts or with strong ties to the 'Salafisten'. Finally, however, according to the Interior Minister of the Bundes government, action is to be taken. The trigger was the appearance on the streets of Wupperthal of orange tabard wearing 'Sharia Police' organised by the Salafists. There declared aim is to enforce Sharia Law on all Muslims in the city - or at least their version of it. This includes women being fully covered, a ban on touching, handling or consuming alcohol or any 'non-Halaal' product, and on 'music'.

Now the Germans are pretty touchy about 'Polizei'. Only someone carrying the authority of the Landestag Ministerium, or a part of the Bundespolizei may use that title, or 'enforce' the law, and, as the Minister made very clear over the weekend, Sharia is NOT the law of Germany, and any attempt to impose or enforce it will meet the full force of German Law head on.

As I said at the beginning, the Germans are generally pretty tolerant, and they pride themselves now on the fact they have developed a system that embraces many different ideas, cultures (to an extent) and religions - but they will not tolerate someone bringing a foreign and alien legal system to their country and imposing it on anyone, Muslim or non-Muslim. Perhaps that is something the UK government and all the various local authority dictators of matters 'tolerant' would do well to emulate.


  1. Slim Jim says: Your last sentence says it all, really. You may be aware of the scandal highlighted in Rotherham (as well as other areas) regarding the sexual abuse of children by (mainly) Pakistani men (send him to the Gulag for saying that!). Sadly, this is what happens when we get the perfect storm of multiculturalism, mass immigration (esp. of alien cultures), and political correctness. Sprinkle it with the rule of a left-wing local authority, and look at what it has spawned. Of course, it is interesting to watch the 'rulers' and apparatchiks wriggling on the hook like worms. Not my fault...

  2. Germany may have to deport these people.

  3. Western nations should be more selective as to who to let into the country. Some Moslems are showing disrespect to the host nations & should be returned to their countries of origin. This is the only language they understand.

  4. Disturbingly, the most rabid among the Salafisten in Germany, and, I note, in the UK version, are 'converts' to Islam. In Germany, many are 'native' Germans and not migrants, usually unemployed men who embrace the most radical aspects of their new 'faith' with a rich mix of 'Marxist' ideological ambitions. The Lee Rigby case in the UK is a little different, but some of those paraded on camera by IS as 'Brits' are clearly UK descended converts as well. The situation in Rotherham and one or two other places, has parallels in Germany, Belgium and France. Certainly the 'Red Light' and drug trades in Amsterdam are in the hands of gangs from the East. I don't think there is a simple solution to this, but certainly a little less 'sensitivity' about who is involved with what - and especially what it is funding - would be a good starting point.