Thursday, 26 September 2013

Living with the Sheltie ...

Harry has grown into a a very handsome Sheltie, now 11 months of age. He has learned fast, is obedient (mostly), playful and absolutely devoted to 'his' sheeple. He doesn't like to let us out of his sight, and if one of us is away for any reason, the other has to be guarded constantly.

So, if I am upstairs, I get the Sheltie stare when he thinks its been long enough and when that doesn't work, then it's time for a nudge or two with the nose. Always gentile and very polite about it, but very, very definite. Then, with your attention grabbed, it's time to produce the toy to be played with, and an invitation to do so.

Come out to play and put that camera thing away ...

Walks are fun, a time to explore the 'marker posts' and leave a few yourself, to chase the crows, the butterflies and sometimes the Red Kites if they are sat on fences along our route. Tiny movements in the grass must be pounced on and investigated with a great huffing and puffing and the slightest excuse is enough to engage in a little high spirited racing across the fields or any meadow. The sheer joy on the face of this little chap as he hurtles toward you, to swerve aside at the last minute and race away again, is pure pleasure to behold.

C'mon, put that thing down and play!

I'm besotted. Does it show?

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  1. I love it! Totally understandable! Who could resist that sweet face!