Friday, 29 July 2011

Interesting ...

I note with interest that the "Socialist" faction in the UK and elsewhere is screaming for all "Right Wing" organisations to be shut down, banned, investigated or prosecuted over the Norwegian shootings. While I have no sympathy for any Extreme Right Wing organisation, I have as little for the Extreme Left.

If we are going to place restrictions on any 'extremist' organisations, let's include ALL organisations that incite people to violence. That would include the Anti-Nazi League who turn up at any "right wing" demonstration and start a riot (Though I notice the UK Media always describe the ANL as 'protesters' and the organisation they are targeting as 'violent extremists' - I guess its all about clever labels.), the Socialist Workers Party who seem to be very good at organising anti-everyone protests, and all the Islamist organisations currently abusing their freedoms in the UK.

The Oslo murderer happens to have made contact with a number of "right wing" organisations, but he could, as easily have made contact with any number of left wing bodies and got the same information regarding how to cause terror and chaos.

If we're going to shut down websites for one set of extremists, we have to be fair and balanced. Shut them all down.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Arrested for self-defence????

Once again the injustice of the UK 'Justice System' is open to display after a 72 year old florist in Greater Manchester was attacked by "several men" attempting to rob him, apparently at gunpoint. One of the would be burglars got stabbed in the scuffle and died - so the police have arrested the shopkeeper who is, himself, in hospital.

When will the police be ordered to stop arresting those who dare to defend themselves and clean up the criminals? When will our courts stop pandering to the criminals and their overpaid defence attorneys - and lock them up for meaningful punishments?

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Mislabeling by the Left ...

Those who missed it yesterday, may want to take a look at this excellent post by the blog "Cranmer." It takes a good look at the tactics of the present 'left of centre' ideologues who stifle every debate by labeling anyone who dares oppose their point of view as "Fascist."

As Cranmer points out this displays their complete ignorance of the where on the political spectrum Mussolini and Hitler actually sat ...

Forget morality in the desperate drive by the Socialist politicos, media and others to drag us all into a new 'communist experiment.' Run by and for them and their supporters of course.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Liberal consequences ...

I simply have to share this post from a Blog named "Insight." Entitled "Ten Ways Progressive Policies Harm Society's Moral Character" it is very well worth the read. Though it is written in the US and aimed at US 'liberals' it could as well have been written about any other Western 'Liberal' society.

A sample below -

While liberals are certain about the moral superiority of liberal policies, the truth is that those policies actually diminish a society's moral character. Many individual liberals are fine people, but the policies they advocate tend to make a people worse.

To read the full ten reasons for this statement follow the link. As I said, it is very well worth reading.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Quo vadis Europe and "The West?"

The horrendous events in Oslo continue to haunt the media and must fill everyone with revulsion. How can anyone shoot over 80 young, unarmed, youths, men and women, in cold blood - then make such statements as "it was gruesome, but necessary?" To my mind there can be only one explanation - this guy was pathologically insane. That still leaves the question; why did he choose to attack a rally organised to "eliminate racism?" Why attack a city centre office block occupied by the Prime Minister and his Civil Servants?

I do believe that, in part, his motivation is political rather than religious - indeed "religion" is, in these events, a cloak for radical politics. Much is made of the word "fundamentalist" - usually linked to either Islamic, Christian or Hindu - and again, much is made of the 'religious' part of that link, usually in an attempt to show that 'religion' is the cause of the problem. But, is this a true picture, or a propaganda spin?

"Fundamentalism" - According to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary - is defined as:

1. a form of Protestant Christianity which upholds belief in the strict and literal interpretation of the Bible.

2. the strict maintenance of the ancient or fundamental doctrines of any religion or ideology.

The last word in the definition sets up a slightly different line of thought, one I believe to be often overlooked by those whose immediate response to events of this kind is to blame 'religion.' In today's very fluid society, political ideologies have become a tenet of 'religious' faith, replacing real religion with as much fervent belief as the most ardent "fundamentalist" Christian, Muslim, Sikh or Hindu. This can be seen among those who, despite the evidence left in those countries that suffered more than 80 years of Socialist/Communist Dogma and rule, still ardently insist that only a"Socialist" society can be free and fair. In recent years a form of 'religious' fundamentalism has emerged among the leading lights of the 'atheist' persuasion. Wikipedia gives an interesting article on the subject.

So to return to my original theme, what triggers unstable people to react in the manner this Norwegian gunman has done?

I believe that the root lies in the current feelings of insecurity in the West. Our society is changing, it is being, in some cases, forced to change very rapidly by our political 'leaders.' Some of the changes are, without question, much needed and long overdue, but the law of unintended consequences immediately kicks in when you try to change things by force rather than persuasion. When changes are imposed that threaten deeply held beliefs or a persons feeling regarding their place or security in a community, you run the risk of stirring a violent reaction and resistance.

Why do people feel this way? The answer lies in how and what we are constantly being told. If you go to an airport today, you are forced to undergo some pretty invasive 'security' checks. Why? Because "religious fundamentalists" might be seeking to bomb or hijack the aircraft. Certain parts of our cities are no longer European, one only sees faces and businesses from other parts of the world in them. The media often gives the impression that these communities are being given 'special' treatment or enjoying 'rights' the native populations do not share and it has to be admitted, much of the "social media" carries similar messages. It certainly isn't helped by lunatic legislation like the "Equalities Act" rammed through by the Labour government just before they were kicked out of office. That little time bomb is already claiming victims as the small cadre of the terminally Politically Correct use it to silence anyone and everyone who dares to use a common idiomatic expression they have labelled racist or sexist, or tells a joke they don't approve of, or dares to challenge their blinkered perception of the perfect society.

If you make a population feel threatened, or actually threaten them, they will respond, and not necessarily 'peacefully.' While the Norwegian killer is possibly a loner and a rogue element in this, all of Europe should be concerned about it. Particularly all of Europe's (and I include the UK here) political classes should be very concerned. It is their 'open door' policies on immigration from countries with vastly different cultures and heritages that is triggering the rise in popularity of 'fundamentalist' ideologies. Both "Christian" and "Muslim" citizens feel threatened by the continuing attacks on their beliefs by the secularisers. Christians, for the most part, as the Book of Revelations describes the congregation in Sardis, 'luke-warm,' already feel they are threatened by the rising demands of Muslim agitators for the imposition of Sharia Laws and Courts in England. Even among the non-practicing 'nominal' Christians, there is sufficient concern to drive them steadily in the direction of the likes of the British National Party. In response, the Islamic community draws ever deeper on the radical message of those who wish to use their 'religion' to gain power.

I have no doubt at all, that, if there was perceived by our 'leaders' to be an advantage in doing so, they would ditch their 'Christian' links in a trice and become Muslims - they won't be the first such opportunists to switch religions when it was expedient to do so.

The problem Europe and all "western" societies face is a complex one. In the past similar waves of settlers have descended and been assimilated - the exception being the closing centuries of the Roman Empire, swept aside in less than 70 years in the west - or, where they were not, replaced by a new culture and a new set of masters. Much of the disquiet our politicians have ignored for the last forty or so years rests on the very natural concern of the people who feel their heritage, their faith and the liberties they and their parents, grandparents and forebears fought and struggled to win are being stripped from them and being replaced by a new form of autocracy. Worse, we see that no longer are immigrants encouraged to assimilate, the opposite has happened and they are now encouraged to set up rival cultures and even rival legal systems within their host countries. (It was recently revealed that Sharia Courts have been operating in the UK under the guise of 'citizens guidance' run by 'Islamic Scholars.') We look at the lands the Muslim immigrants have left and the effect of the very practices and laws they wish to impose on us - and feel threatened.

Increasing centralisation of control, with power resting ever more firmly in the hands of unelected bureaucrats certainly doesn't encourage many to think our liberties are not threatened by the draconian and invasive powers conferred on Town Hall and Whitehall 'officials.' The creep of 'socialist' controls and even the introduction of ever more 'spyware' in the form of CCTV, vehicle monitoring and tracking and other 'controls' on movement are starting to alarm ordinary people. Many feel threatened by the knowledge that any response to the invasion of your home by a burglar is likely to end up with the owner being prosecuted and the intruder going unpunished. Even remonstrating with children misbehaving can get a person a criminal record. Perhaps our politicians need to look again at just how their perhaps well intentioned tsunami of legislation now threatens us.

Couple that with our having learned to distrust the political class - and you soon realise that no matter what the politicians now try to do to correct this, their efforts will be met with resistance, suspicion and distrust.

And, in the meantime, the threat of some lunatic taking violent action to make his feelings known remains ...

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Norwegian Atrocity ...

I have to admit that I find the use of the label "Christian" in relation to the latest act of lunatic murder, disturbing. Sadly it will be used by all those opposed to religion, and especially Christianity, to "prove" that all people of faith are dangerous lunatics capable of murder. As a committed Christian I have to say that these acts are not "Christian" - in fact they are the complete antithesis of the Gospel message. As a Christian I condemn them and I know that I am not alone in doing so.

This man planned his assault with care, and did so over a long period. This was not a spur of the moment thing and I do find it hard to accept that he did it alone. It's possible, of course, but it is also unlikely.

Sadly, the messages he has left on his website and on YouTube suggest that he has expressed in an extreme act, what a lot of people in Europe have begun to feel, though dare not express publicly. That our government's, with their encouraging immigration from lands whose cultural heritage is in compete opposition to our own, have created a situation in which the "natives" now feel threatened by the demands, for instance, of the Islamic radicals in the UK, for the immediate adoption of Sharia Law and Islamic Values. From the messages left by the Norwegian murderer, this appears to be the underlying reason for his actions. He caims he wanted to "save Norway from Islamism and communism."

The atrocity in Oslo on Friday leaves a whole lot of questions unanswered. Why, for instance, could the Police not find the means to get to the island where he was busy shooting young people, for so long? Why was he not detected as potentially dangerous at a much earlier stage? When and how did he plant his bombs - and more important, how did he trigger them to coincide with his shooting spree?

Of course we are seeing a lot of handwringing politicians denouncing "fundamentalism" and "racism" and so on. But the truth is that they have had ample warning of their having got a tiger by the tail with this. The "Multi-Culty" mantra is little more than a form of Apartheid with minorities being given "special status" not enjoyed by the national majority - and unsurprisingly, this has made people feel threatened. Will the politicians address these issues sensibly?

I very much doubt it. I suspect the reaction in parliaments across Europe will be to make more laws giving minorities protection and restricting even further the liberties of the majority.

In the meantime I mourn for those killed and pray for their families. In God I trust for mercy - in politicians for sense and honsety, not at all.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Hackers at work ...

The latest victim of a hacker is no less a body than the august MIT, in Worcester, Mass. Apparently it was as simple as walking up to a server cabinet and plugging in his laptop - then downloading everything ...

Hacking is becoming a really serious threat to everyone. There is a large international group, according to the police, leaderless, but acting in concert against governments and individuals, who take pride in stealing people's work, in raiding sensitive information and in spreading it to the public. Some of their 'hacks' make the News of the World scandal look like amateurs.

Most of the 'social' media sites are now fertile ground for these operators. They can glean vast amounts of information from those of us who are not particularly savvy when it comes to protecting our data.

For me, the irony is that these hackers think they are 'liberating' themselves and everyone else by their actions ...

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Forget wind, solar and the rest - new coal firing could be the answer

I found this very well presented paper from Australia on the blog, PA Pundits Internationall. Entitled CO2 Reductions - A Radical Plan, it makes a great deal of sense and blows holes in the arguments for imposing "Carbon Taxes" on everything.

It discusses in some depth the use of new technology in coal firing of boilers to generate electricity. This technology can and will reduce the CO2 emissions by substantial amounts, and it doesn't require the strip mining of vastly expensive and rare metals, elements or the disfiguring of the landscape with wind turbines, the destruction of ecospheres with 'barrages' or plastering entire hillsides with solar panels.

It's rather lengthy, but well worth reading.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

€uro Crisis ...

Rumbles on and on, quite eclipsed in the UK, I note, by the row over the media circus phone hacking that has led to the closure of the News of the World. As far as I can see this is a major case of the accusers - the Guardian, Daily Mirror and other left wing media such as the BBC in all its guises - throwing up one heck of a smokescreen so that no one looks to closely at their own complicity.

Murdoch makes a perfect target for them. He's not and never pretended to be, a part of the UK "Establishment" - that select and rather closed shop of civil servants, politicians, unions and money men - that runs the country irrespective of what the electorate think. As a now retired Navy friend once said to me, the whole thing runs on periodically selecting an individual, pouring sh*t and derision on his head and throwing him to the wolves, so that no one gets to look closely at what is really happening. The truth is that the Media Watchdog has figures that show that the News of the World actually hacked fewer celebrity/important people's phones than the Daily Mirror or the Guardian - but the Guardian and the BBC are making sure you don't get to learn that.

What is even more irritating is the fact that this is being used to distract the electorate yet again from the reality of what is happening in the financial situation. The public are being led to believe that the Pound is strengthening and the €uro failing - when it is even discussed in the media. The British taxpayers are constantly being told that they are 'bailing out the €uro' or that Britain is 'burdened' by the EU when it is the British Civil Service who are gold plating every EU directive to feather their own nests and to hide the fact that, if the €uro fails, the UK Plc is up the proverbial creek with a sinking canoe and a broken paddle ...

Monday, 18 July 2011

Tax Raid ...

I wondered why the last two months, my pension payments have been seriously reduced. I've finally managed to dig out the paperwork, find the contact numbers and ring the Pension provider.

Guess what? It turns out that HMRC have "reviewed" my tax for the last couple of years and decided, unilaterally and based on ONE good year while I was a sole trader, that they would collect tax on the highest potential earnings ... This despite having been advised in writing by my accountant, by me and by my accountant again, that I had ceased trading as of 1 April 2010. Apparently HMG are now so desperate for cash that they will even take tax against what you MIGHT earn.

It has taken the better part of two days to get this sorted out, and with not a little inconvenience and expense on my part. Will I get back the extra money they have already taken? Probably not without a protracted legal battle - although they can damned well charge me enormous penalties for not paying them immediately.

Do I love Civil Servants and Tax Collectors? Let's just say I hope there is a Hell - and it's reserved for them.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Gay History?

A recent conversation with a friend had me thinking - some would say dangerous - and then I did a little digging. The subject at hand was the latest law passed in California, a State which some say is bankrupt and struggling to provide proper education among other things. The law requires schools to teach children in their first years a subject called "Gay History" and aims to ensure that children "learn that some folk have different sexual attractions." OK, but this is also a State which has outlawed any religious education, prayers in schools or any form of religious activity and celebration. So now we have an attempt to teach children about a life style at an age they haven't even discovered much more about sex than that boys and girls have different 'rude' bits ...

I find it interesting that the label "Homosexual" is a 20th Century invention, and the highjacking of the word "Gay" to mean someone of a different sexual orientation is less than 40 years old. Prior to these labels being applied, these different sexual preferences existed and there was certainly discrimination (You could get hung in Britain for "Sodomy."). The wheel has now swung, in my humble opinion, to far the other way. Instead of simply promoting acceptance that some folk are simply "other gendered" and allowing them to live quietly in their own way, the legislators have almost made it compulsory for us all to be "Gay." There are plenty of examples in history - the Spartan society partnered boys with men in Gymnasia and did the same with the girls, partnering girls with women in the female version of the 'Gymnasia.'. Contemporary accounts tell of how many young men when "married" at the appropriate age, failed to have any sort of relationship with their "wives" and continued to live in relationships with their "friends."

While they all attack "religion" - shorthand for "Christianity" - as bigoted or restrictive of choice, they fail to recognise that the great atheists, Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao etc, were even more intolerant and sent anyone suspected (You didn't have to prove it!) of being "homosexual" to their death camps. All Muslim countries still have death sentences for homosexual behaviour, yet there are as many men and women there of that persuasion as in the west. In fact, most of these societies still practice "mentoring" - a form of pedophilia - where a man may take a younger boy as a "companion" ...

Historically "same sex love" has been with us from the beginning of time. All tribal cultures have it, all the ancient civilisations allowed it and the Biblical injunctions against sexual activity are actually aimed at the "fertility" rites practiced in Pagan Temples. The Ancient Greeks fully accepted the practice of men joining in "union" and even encouraged it. Men often took teenage boys as lovers and it was accepted. Only really since the Reformation has there been this absolute and outright antipathy toward "different" sexual orientation, yet, even in Europe, one finds it being openly accepted right up to the advent of the 19th Century...

I believe that sexual orientation is genetic and probably influenced in the womb. I do not believe it is a "lifestyle" choice by the individual. I also believe that the efforts to legislate against all forms of discrimination are ultimately creating greater problems than the ones they are supposedly solving. Like you I think the dumbing down of education will come back to bite and bite hard in a few more years.

I have lived my life according to the principle of allowing other folk to live and let live. A pity others cannot accept that we could do the same if they just stopped meddling. Considering the concern these same people generally claim for the prevention of child abuse - this sort of law is almost the opposite in that it comes close to inviting the child to seek to be abused. Assuming, of course, that the mere fact that it is blatant indoctination isn't in itself child abuse as is so often claimed about teaching your child about your faith ...

Saturday, 16 July 2011


Current projects include getting my first two Harry Heron books (Their Lordships Request ... and Out of Time) converted to be available as eBooks, one of them needing a new cover for the project. A second project is finally getting the fourth book in that series published. This is happening through Abbot Press - and appropriate publisher I think, given my nom de plume for this blog.

The cover art for On The Run is currently being created by my brother, based in Cape Town. And I don't mind admitting that he is a superb artist, in fact his work is superb. One of these days I'll get his permission to post a few photographs of some of his projects here. They certainly deserve to be more widely known. I wish I could draw or paint the way he does!

Once these three "projects" are completed, I plan to return to my search for a publisher for my book based on St Patrick. Writing that was a labour of love for me and I really felt close to the saint as I wrote it. Researching him, his period and the sort of conditions and life he would have experienced was enriching, sometimes appalling and definitely confirming in faith. My ambition is to see it in print and preferably on the bookshelves of every bookstore I can reach.

Yes, I have several other books I want to write - and all I can say is - watch this space ...

Friday, 15 July 2011

Fire Safety in ... a Massage Parlour???

The Greater Manchester Fire Safety team must have had a lot of research to do for this prosecution...

Massage parlour manager gets community service for fire safety breaches

I confess that I almost spilled my coffee laughing over the report that, alongside the blocking of a fire exit by using it as a "changing area," several of the rooms were considered 'dingy' and one at least was equipped with "restraints, manacles and chains." Well, I suppose that does restrict the options for escape in the event of fire - but how do you 'Risk Assess' these activities ...

OK, OK, I'll get serious for a moment. It can be done, but how you'd discuss it with the 'client' and keep a straight face I'm not at all sure.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Foreign 'Aid'

Is always a touchy subject, never more so than when the economy is in trouble and 'cuts' are being made to budgets at home. An article posted at the Cumberland Lodge blog made me think on this and do a little digging. Certainly the European countries, the UK included, make some quite generous payments to a variety of foreign countries in "Development Aid" and other "packages." At the same time all of them are having to make hefty cuts to their own budgets at home.

It does raise the question - just how much of the "Aid" money actually reaches the "client" and lifts people out of the "poverty" it is supposed to be alleviating. Some of the most cynical commentators say it is Zero, but even the most generous estimate that it is anywhere between 20 and 60% - no more. Where does it go then? In fairness a sizable chunk does go in wages and administration, but from experience I can also state that a big slice goes in five star hotels, top of the range vehicles and first class air travel for the people "on the ground" - the front men and women actually in the country supposedly overseeing the delivery.

Some 'aid' packages though never actually reach the county of origin in cash. These are packages where the money is paid to contractors in the donor country to provide a service or deliver a programme in the receiving land. Personally I don't have a major problem with this - expect in the manner it is usually presented, which is a form of double accounting. "We're 'giving' $XX,XXX,XXX to rebuild the *insert service of choice* in *insert country of choice* makes a great headline - except that the workers, the main contractor and the materials are all sourced in the donor country and shipped to the site, then returned home. The money never actually touches the country supposed to be being helped. So just who is actually being 'aided' here? The recipients don't get anything except the most menial jobs and often a service or infrastructure they can't use or maintain - because it is a mismatch with what they actually need. The 'donor' on the other hand gets to recycle the money in their own economy and created a lot of well paid jobs "at home."

Then there is the other kind of "Aid" where the cash is paid over the the locals to build certain things. Great, except that the contracts are awarded to relatives, job creation is still minimal or very low paid and the contractor creams off a huge profit and provides cheap and shoddy goods. Nor does the money stay in local circulation - nope, it soon hits the banks in Switzerland and then the Big Shops in Paris, London ...

Anything the UN gets money to provide suffers badly from this last example, with anything left after all the UN Administrators have finished flying round the world First Class and camping in Five Star accommodation is pretty minimal anyway.

So what is the right way to go about this. As one person put it, it comes down to following the Christian Principle - or saving the Western Way of Life. You can't actually do both. The Christian Principle says I should share my good fortune and wealth in such a way that I help others to improve their lot. Preserving the Western Way, means making sure that Number One is taken care of.

Government tells me that I need to support the Aid Programmes because if I do not the developing nations will fail, their people will rise up and illegal economic migration will get worse. I am also told that raising the economic profiles of these nations will mean fewer births, less poverty and more democracy. I don't see how, because in order to create jobs, my economics professor used to tell me I have to create a demand, which requires an increase in supply. So far, so good - more wealth in a developing country creates a demand for more goods and that means there needs to be more jobs. Or does it?

What really happens is that as demand rises, so do wages. At a certain point it becomes uneconomic to continue manufacturing in the original country, so the factory moves. Country A - a nett Aid provider - loses the 1000 Plus jobs - and Country B - a nett Aid receiver - gets them. Costs in Country A go up, because now there is additional cost to importing what was once made there, so wages rise again. So do taxes, and so does social security costs because more and more jobs move "offshore." Now Country A has a large unemployed group drawing 'benefit' from the tax payer, who is also paying the Aid bill - and Country B has the jobs (at minimal wages still) and the "Development Aid."

To be honest, I'm not at all sure what the answer is to this conundrum. I do know that Christian Principles state that "Charity begins at home." Once I have taken care of the needs of those in my own family, parish, diocese, nation - then I can start giving help to those beyond its shores. What is worrying though, is that we have now developed a society in which Aid is something we feel compelled to give and upon which far to many despot ridden lands depend, and in which a large part of our own society at home lives entirely off the 'benefits' they receive from the State.

At some point, if my understanding of economics is correct, the demand for Aid and Benefit must exceed the ability of the taxpayer to supply it. And I think we may have almost reached that point.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Rising or Falling?

Remember the hysterical Greenpeace predictions of a little over 10 years ago? The ones that predicted sea level rises that would flood most of Britain and Ireland and submerge all the small island nations? Well, there seems to be something else happening.

The blog Climate etc... examines the latest reports and includes some interesting archeological evidence which suggests that the sea levels may actually be lower now than they were in Roman times and could even be falling. There is certainly something cyclic about the sea level - and I don't just mean the tide!

Dr Judith Curry is a Climate Scientist, one who fits neatly into neither the 'for' or the 'skeptic' camps. She is, however, someone who insists on a 'cut the hype' and let's see the science approach. I find her insights very refreshing. The post is a little long, but it is very interesting and worth the read.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Selling out the Jews ...

Western society has a very chequered relationship with the Jewish people, going all the way back to the Romans and possibly beyond that. Certainly ever since the expulsion of the Jews from Jerusalem and the renaming of their land and the city in 70 AD, the Jewish Diaspora has faced hostility, persecution, ethnic cleansing and an barrage of what is best termed propaganda and racial prejudice. Individually and collectively they are usually hardworking, inventive and decent folk - so why does the West in particular hate them so? One reason, given me by a Jew, is that we find we can't patronise them. Another is that no matter what we have done to them - from burning them in Clifford's Tower in York, to expelling them and passing laws barring them from living in "Christian" lands, to rounding them up and placing them in Extermination Camps where the most horrendous and barbaric "medical" experiments were conducted on selected victims, we have still not eradicated their faith, their race or their spirit of independence.

It is popular in today's western culture to take a stance on the existence of Israel as either "an unfortunate fact, one causing all the tension in the Middle East" or, as in the case of the latest bunch of terrorist loving morons from the UK, "it's an illegal state with no right of existence and must be brought down." That, of course, suits the attitude of the Islamic Arab nations, who have historically persecuted, and still persecute both Christians and Jews, despite their own religious Book calling for them to recognise both as 'true' Believers.

The British have long disliked the Jewish people. When we acquired control of the Ottoman Province of "Palestine" or more correctly, Jordan, in 1917, the pompous British Administrators found to their chagrin that the Jews, despite the obstacles the Ottomans and the Arab populace had placed in their way, were very much still a large presence and what was worse, actually thriving pretty nicely. The Jewish collective farms, Kibbutz, were the only parts that actually produced large enough volumes of produce to sell profitably. What was worse, the Jewish people, some of them admittedly 'settlers' following the Russian Pogroms and ethnic cleansing of the 19th Century, were pretty close to a majority.

Various politicians began by promising, in 1919 under the League of Nations Protectorate charter, by promising to create a "Jewish Homeland State." That was, of course, compromised by the need to keep their Arab client "Kings" on board and the struggle in Iraq for independence. As is always the case, the politicians, by not understanding any of the history, made a mess of it and the result was the Jewish rebellion in which we labelled the Jewish "Freedom Fighters" as "gangsters and subversives." The fact is the Stern Gang were probably much more gentlemanly than Hammas or the PLO! At least the Stern organisation targeted military and British Administrators (I guess I agree with them on that last one!) and not general civilians. The Stern Gang was, in fact a response to the patent British duplicity whereby they, having promised a Jewish Home State, handed control to their pal and ally against the Ottomans - and made the Hashemite leader, Sherif Abdullah of Mecca, King.

To make matters worse, if they could be, the British establishment maintained a stance throughout the 1930's that Hitler, despite his utterances and seizure of Jewish owned property, presented no real threat to European Jews. In fact the civil service placed innumerable obstacles in the way of any Jew applying for a visa to escape the Nazi persecutions. Even after Crystal Nacht, senior civil servants were briefing Ministers and in turn Parliament, that such events were a "natural expression of frustration" at the wealth the Jews controlled and that there was no need to relax the immigration controls for this people.

Of course, once they could no longer deny what was happening, it became a great way to whip up public antipathy toward the "brutal Germans" - and now we had some victims to patronise as well. But, once the reality of the Death Camps really became public, the British showed their true colours again - making the "Rehabilitation Centres" virtual prisons in their efforts to prevent the natural desire of the survivors from seeking new lives away from the possibility of future purges. Those from the Eastern Bloc countries cannot be blamed for not wishing to be repatriated to homelands now firmly under the thumb of one of histories least acknowledged but most murderous dictators - 'Uncle' Joe Stalin. Even now, there is little acknowledgement among western historians of the 30 million or so Russian peasants - many of them Jews - who died under Stalin's orders.

Certainly, in 1945, the question of a Jewish Homeland became a real issue, and not unnaturally, the Jews wanted their traditional home, Israel and their traditional capital, Jerusalem. The British had, by this time, given promises to the Arabs that Jerusalem would be an Arab city and Israel would remain under Arab control. The attempt by Attlee and his cabinet of closet communists, to hand over full control to Jordan resulted in the 1947 war. The British government cannot say it had not been warned. They had - and how did they expect the Jews to respond to the public declarations by various Arabs in Israel at that time, that as soon as the British were out of there, they intended to erase the Jews from history?

So, we now have the mess that is the Middle East, brought about by the prejudice of the British Administrators and the tribal rivalries of the Middle East. Interestingly I note that the official history of the Kingdom of Jordan makes no mention whatever of the Jewish states that occupied that land. Reading the 'official' history one is left with the impression that there never was a Jewish nation.

What has sparked my writing this? Very simply this. There is now a proposal before the Security Council of the UN, apparently supported by the US and the EU, to unilaterally "recognise" a country called "Palestine" and its "capital" as Jerusalem. Such a move will automatically legitimise a new Middle Eastern war against Israel by her neighbours - and patently the Obama Administration intends to cut off support for Israel in any such conflict.

I am frankly appalled by this - but not at all surprised. Anti-Jewish sentiment is rife in Britain, as a simple scan of any news report of the Israel/Palestinian conflict will show. British policy is equally biased. The law against the "spreading of racial or religious hatred" is very swiftly applied if any Muslim (Or more usually someone acting as a self appointed 'guardian' of someone else's sensitivities) is "offended" by anything said or done by a Christian or a Jew - but Synagogues, Jewish graves and Jews are routinely insulted, spat upon, defaced or desecrated - and the Establishment and Police do nothing. Again, take a look at the puerile anti-Jew utterances that clutter any News Forum covering the Middle East. Even the 'Blood Libels' - the infamous "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" (A 19th Century concoction dreamed up by the Russian Secret Police to justify the murder of Jews and the seizure of their land and property) is freely available for sale in London.

If this UN-sponsored folly is allowed to pass, I predict that the resulting conflict will bring about something far worse than mere "climate change" - it will bring about an Armageddon - and the sponsors of this moronic motion will be entirely responsible.

Monday, 11 July 2011

English BBQ?

Yesterday we had friends round for a BBQ. The weather should have been cloudy, but fine. The moment I lit the BBQ, it began to rain.

So we enjoyed an English Style BBQ - I BBQed on the patio, and we ate indoors...

It was good fun all the same, and a good time was had by all.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Stolen Books ...

Copyright is always a tricky area, especially once things start to go international. Some countries and cultures simply don't seem to have any concept of "intellectual property" or the right of an author to control or profit from his or her own hard work, research and - often - outlay of capital to achieve their goal.

A major topic at present on several Blogs is the theft of an authors work, 'stolen' copies which are currently being sold on Amazon. What is meant by 'stolen' copy?

In short, someone has created an electronic copy of three books by the children's author Ruth Ann Nordin and is now selling these as an "Electronic" book version through Amazon. The problem is, of course, that Ms Nordin gets absolutely nothing from the sales as whoever the 'pirate' is, simply keeps everything they get from the sale. In this electronic age, this is a major hazard for any author, it is all too easy to make a copy of someone's work, repackage it and then sell it through any online outlet entirely for one's own profit.

What is worse is that there are now a number of hackers out there who regard it as their "right" to strip someone else's intellectual property and profit from it. Other authors have suffered the same problem, though a larger one is the 'file sharing' through 'torrent' sites. These steal music, books, movies and anything else they can find in electronic format. One author who dared to make public accusations against the operators of one such site ripping off his books had his websites hacked and then shut down by the hackers.

As an author I do find this worrying. So far (as far as I am able to discover anyway!) my fiction has not been the subject of such an attack - however, my technical work has been. I am well aware that a large amount of my technically published work has been translated, repackaged and republished - but there's not a heck of a lot I can do about it and neither can the people who hold the copyrights to it. Why? It goes back to the whole concept of 'intellectual property' and the 'ownership' of it. Some cultures simply don't recognise an authors right of ownership ...

Perhaps that is why Leonardo da Vinci kept his notes in a way that no one else could read... But then, he wasn't trying to sell his writing either.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings ...

I recently received this in an email from a friend. It made me take a little time to think about it since I qualify for the Old Age Pension in October. A little research turned up the fact that these figures are accurate, though they also represent the "top end" of the picture and there are a number of shades in between...

This makes you wonder what will be left for our kids - NOT A LOT!!!!!

OH BRITAIN , where did we go wrong ?

We're "broke" and can't help our own Seniors, Veterans, Orphans, Homeless etc. Are you aware of the following?

The British Government provides the following financial assistance: -



BRITISH OLD AGED PENSIONER Weekly Spouse allowance £25


BRITISH OLD AGED PENSIONER Additional weekly hardship allowance £0.00

ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS / REFUGEES LIVING IN BRITAIN Additional weekly hardship allowance £100



Please read all and then forward to all your contacts so that we can lobby for a decent state pension.

After all, the average pensioner has paid taxes and contributed to the growth of this country for the last 40 to 60 years.

Sad isn't it?

Welcome to the Britain created by our wonderful "socialist" leaders. You can bet they have far better pensions lined up. When I "qualify" for the OAP in October, but I will get slightly less than half the figure quoted here since I contributed for only 25 years and not 40. OK, fair do I reckon, but thanks to Gordon Brown, I also now pay 20% tax on a pension from the CPS (Instead of the 10% the previous government - Conservative! - considered fair) that is under 10k a year, and the 78 pounds a week I will get from the OAP fund will be swallowed in tax because of the 20% base rate when added to my existing pension. Of course, Gordon Brown said that "no one would lose out" when he doubled the tax rate, adding that he was "giving a new 'benefit' to those in 'poverty.'" Except that only those with young children and already on Income Support qualify for it ... Guess what, people like me, don't and nor do the vast majority of Old Age Pensioners. And, to add insult to injury here, a recent report by a "Think Tank" declares that OAPs are a "drain on the NHS" and should be forced to pay the full cost of the services they use.

Yup, it's a good feeling having contributed and worked my butt off while watching Blair and Co welcome all comers from every third world tip with handouts and assistance while at the same time telling me (and the rest of us!) how much we owed it to these freeloaders and must "adopt their cultures and values" because Britain's were so "something-ist."

Yup, its a scandal, but the politicians and civil servants don't care - we aren't a big enough voting block anymore and the immigrants are.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Kräuter Schnecke -

Literally "Herb Snail" although 'spiral' sounds better. As promised here are some pictures of the completed 'schnecke' with one of Madam Paddy Cat enjoying the sun (and the bird bath water - thank you very much!). I've included the near hysterical Black Bird who appears every time the old lady goes out doors and spends all his time hysterically piping at her and trying to drive her away.

She seems to be either deaf to his antics, or just to old to be bothered with trying to catch him ...

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Cat's health ...

Twenty-one is a really 'great' age if you are a cat, at least according to our vet. Madam Paddy Cat may not entirely agree as her back legs are giving trouble and the injections for that are now causing a stomach problem. That said, there's plenty of life in the old girl yet, she certainly makes use of her full vocabulary of "bad" words when the vet tries anything Madam feels is not permitted and tonight's visit to the Bad Schwalbach practice was a real education in how to put humans in their place.

Oh well, the old lady is now sat on the patio bench next to me, our resident black bird is having hysterics because "there's a cat in HIS garden" and I'm enjoying the cool twilight and a great "dunkel" bier.

Tomorrow, perhaps, when I'm back on the desktop I can post some pictures of the now completed and planted out "Krauter Schnecker" which, I have to say, took a lot of work to complete, but is looking great. And now Madam Paddy wants a bit more attention....

Friday, 1 July 2011

A bad turn ...

Madam Paddy Cat is old. She turned 21 sometime late last year and is obviously feeling her age. She limps a little and one of her back legs sometimes gives way under her. She spends most of her days sleeping on my armchair with a special blanket and 'pootling' around the garden inspecting the water quality in the birdbaths, basking in the sun or harassing one of us for a treat or some fresh food...

This evening she joined us on the bench on the patio for a little company and some sunshine. Later she came inside to use her 'box' and that is when things got a little fraught. She appears to have had some sort of seizure. she suffered some sort of spasm in her back legs that literally threw her out of the litter box, scattering cat litter and a distressed cat. I reached the landing just in time to see her have another, then she scrambled past me, her hind quarters obviously not operating properly and made to jump onto the bed, her refuge in distress. She had another 'episode' in the attempt - at which point we managed to contact the vet.

Our vet is in Bad Schwalbach, some 10 km away, so Madam had to be wrapped in a towel for the journey, the box woud have stressed her far more. The vet checked her out and announced that she has probably had a minor stroke. So she has had two injections and will have to see the vet again soon. On the journey home she perked up quite a bit and ate a large supper as soon as we arrived. She is now curled up on my armchair again, asleep, though her limbs seem to be functioning properly again.

This little cat seems to have more than the regulation 9 lives - either that or St Francis has her in his hands.