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Friday, 29 July 2011

Interesting ...

I note with interest that the "Socialist" faction in the UK and elsewhere is screaming for all "Right Wing" organisations to be shut down, banned, investigated or prosecuted over the Norwegian shootings. While I have no sympathy for any Extreme Right Wing organisation, I have as little for the Extreme Left.

If we are going to place restrictions on any 'extremist' organisations, let's include ALL organisations that incite people to violence. That would include the Anti-Nazi League who turn up at any "right wing" demonstration and start a riot (Though I notice the UK Media always describe the ANL as 'protesters' and the organisation they are targeting as 'violent extremists' - I guess its all about clever labels.), the Socialist Workers Party who seem to be very good at organising anti-everyone protests, and all the Islamist organisations currently abusing their freedoms in the UK.

The Oslo murderer happens to have made contact with a number of "right wing" organisations, but he could, as easily have made contact with any number of left wing bodies and got the same information regarding how to cause terror and chaos.

If we're going to shut down websites for one set of extremists, we have to be fair and balanced. Shut them all down.

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