Monday, 25 July 2011

Quo vadis Europe and "The West?"

The horrendous events in Oslo continue to haunt the media and must fill everyone with revulsion. How can anyone shoot over 80 young, unarmed, youths, men and women, in cold blood - then make such statements as "it was gruesome, but necessary?" To my mind there can be only one explanation - this guy was pathologically insane. That still leaves the question; why did he choose to attack a rally organised to "eliminate racism?" Why attack a city centre office block occupied by the Prime Minister and his Civil Servants?

I do believe that, in part, his motivation is political rather than religious - indeed "religion" is, in these events, a cloak for radical politics. Much is made of the word "fundamentalist" - usually linked to either Islamic, Christian or Hindu - and again, much is made of the 'religious' part of that link, usually in an attempt to show that 'religion' is the cause of the problem. But, is this a true picture, or a propaganda spin?

"Fundamentalism" - According to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary - is defined as:

1. a form of Protestant Christianity which upholds belief in the strict and literal interpretation of the Bible.

2. the strict maintenance of the ancient or fundamental doctrines of any religion or ideology.

The last word in the definition sets up a slightly different line of thought, one I believe to be often overlooked by those whose immediate response to events of this kind is to blame 'religion.' In today's very fluid society, political ideologies have become a tenet of 'religious' faith, replacing real religion with as much fervent belief as the most ardent "fundamentalist" Christian, Muslim, Sikh or Hindu. This can be seen among those who, despite the evidence left in those countries that suffered more than 80 years of Socialist/Communist Dogma and rule, still ardently insist that only a"Socialist" society can be free and fair. In recent years a form of 'religious' fundamentalism has emerged among the leading lights of the 'atheist' persuasion. Wikipedia gives an interesting article on the subject.

So to return to my original theme, what triggers unstable people to react in the manner this Norwegian gunman has done?

I believe that the root lies in the current feelings of insecurity in the West. Our society is changing, it is being, in some cases, forced to change very rapidly by our political 'leaders.' Some of the changes are, without question, much needed and long overdue, but the law of unintended consequences immediately kicks in when you try to change things by force rather than persuasion. When changes are imposed that threaten deeply held beliefs or a persons feeling regarding their place or security in a community, you run the risk of stirring a violent reaction and resistance.

Why do people feel this way? The answer lies in how and what we are constantly being told. If you go to an airport today, you are forced to undergo some pretty invasive 'security' checks. Why? Because "religious fundamentalists" might be seeking to bomb or hijack the aircraft. Certain parts of our cities are no longer European, one only sees faces and businesses from other parts of the world in them. The media often gives the impression that these communities are being given 'special' treatment or enjoying 'rights' the native populations do not share and it has to be admitted, much of the "social media" carries similar messages. It certainly isn't helped by lunatic legislation like the "Equalities Act" rammed through by the Labour government just before they were kicked out of office. That little time bomb is already claiming victims as the small cadre of the terminally Politically Correct use it to silence anyone and everyone who dares to use a common idiomatic expression they have labelled racist or sexist, or tells a joke they don't approve of, or dares to challenge their blinkered perception of the perfect society.

If you make a population feel threatened, or actually threaten them, they will respond, and not necessarily 'peacefully.' While the Norwegian killer is possibly a loner and a rogue element in this, all of Europe should be concerned about it. Particularly all of Europe's (and I include the UK here) political classes should be very concerned. It is their 'open door' policies on immigration from countries with vastly different cultures and heritages that is triggering the rise in popularity of 'fundamentalist' ideologies. Both "Christian" and "Muslim" citizens feel threatened by the continuing attacks on their beliefs by the secularisers. Christians, for the most part, as the Book of Revelations describes the congregation in Sardis, 'luke-warm,' already feel they are threatened by the rising demands of Muslim agitators for the imposition of Sharia Laws and Courts in England. Even among the non-practicing 'nominal' Christians, there is sufficient concern to drive them steadily in the direction of the likes of the British National Party. In response, the Islamic community draws ever deeper on the radical message of those who wish to use their 'religion' to gain power.

I have no doubt at all, that, if there was perceived by our 'leaders' to be an advantage in doing so, they would ditch their 'Christian' links in a trice and become Muslims - they won't be the first such opportunists to switch religions when it was expedient to do so.

The problem Europe and all "western" societies face is a complex one. In the past similar waves of settlers have descended and been assimilated - the exception being the closing centuries of the Roman Empire, swept aside in less than 70 years in the west - or, where they were not, replaced by a new culture and a new set of masters. Much of the disquiet our politicians have ignored for the last forty or so years rests on the very natural concern of the people who feel their heritage, their faith and the liberties they and their parents, grandparents and forebears fought and struggled to win are being stripped from them and being replaced by a new form of autocracy. Worse, we see that no longer are immigrants encouraged to assimilate, the opposite has happened and they are now encouraged to set up rival cultures and even rival legal systems within their host countries. (It was recently revealed that Sharia Courts have been operating in the UK under the guise of 'citizens guidance' run by 'Islamic Scholars.') We look at the lands the Muslim immigrants have left and the effect of the very practices and laws they wish to impose on us - and feel threatened.

Increasing centralisation of control, with power resting ever more firmly in the hands of unelected bureaucrats certainly doesn't encourage many to think our liberties are not threatened by the draconian and invasive powers conferred on Town Hall and Whitehall 'officials.' The creep of 'socialist' controls and even the introduction of ever more 'spyware' in the form of CCTV, vehicle monitoring and tracking and other 'controls' on movement are starting to alarm ordinary people. Many feel threatened by the knowledge that any response to the invasion of your home by a burglar is likely to end up with the owner being prosecuted and the intruder going unpunished. Even remonstrating with children misbehaving can get a person a criminal record. Perhaps our politicians need to look again at just how their perhaps well intentioned tsunami of legislation now threatens us.

Couple that with our having learned to distrust the political class - and you soon realise that no matter what the politicians now try to do to correct this, their efforts will be met with resistance, suspicion and distrust.

And, in the meantime, the threat of some lunatic taking violent action to make his feelings known remains ...

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