Tuesday, 19 July 2011

€uro Crisis ...

Rumbles on and on, quite eclipsed in the UK, I note, by the row over the media circus phone hacking that has led to the closure of the News of the World. As far as I can see this is a major case of the accusers - the Guardian, Daily Mirror and other left wing media such as the BBC in all its guises - throwing up one heck of a smokescreen so that no one looks to closely at their own complicity.

Murdoch makes a perfect target for them. He's not and never pretended to be, a part of the UK "Establishment" - that select and rather closed shop of civil servants, politicians, unions and money men - that runs the country irrespective of what the electorate think. As a now retired Navy friend once said to me, the whole thing runs on periodically selecting an individual, pouring sh*t and derision on his head and throwing him to the wolves, so that no one gets to look closely at what is really happening. The truth is that the Media Watchdog has figures that show that the News of the World actually hacked fewer celebrity/important people's phones than the Daily Mirror or the Guardian - but the Guardian and the BBC are making sure you don't get to learn that.

What is even more irritating is the fact that this is being used to distract the electorate yet again from the reality of what is happening in the financial situation. The public are being led to believe that the Pound is strengthening and the €uro failing - when it is even discussed in the media. The British taxpayers are constantly being told that they are 'bailing out the €uro' or that Britain is 'burdened' by the EU when it is the British Civil Service who are gold plating every EU directive to feather their own nests and to hide the fact that, if the €uro fails, the UK Plc is up the proverbial creek with a sinking canoe and a broken paddle ...

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