Friday, 1 July 2011

A bad turn ...

Madam Paddy Cat is old. She turned 21 sometime late last year and is obviously feeling her age. She limps a little and one of her back legs sometimes gives way under her. She spends most of her days sleeping on my armchair with a special blanket and 'pootling' around the garden inspecting the water quality in the birdbaths, basking in the sun or harassing one of us for a treat or some fresh food...

This evening she joined us on the bench on the patio for a little company and some sunshine. Later she came inside to use her 'box' and that is when things got a little fraught. She appears to have had some sort of seizure. she suffered some sort of spasm in her back legs that literally threw her out of the litter box, scattering cat litter and a distressed cat. I reached the landing just in time to see her have another, then she scrambled past me, her hind quarters obviously not operating properly and made to jump onto the bed, her refuge in distress. She had another 'episode' in the attempt - at which point we managed to contact the vet.

Our vet is in Bad Schwalbach, some 10 km away, so Madam had to be wrapped in a towel for the journey, the box woud have stressed her far more. The vet checked her out and announced that she has probably had a minor stroke. So she has had two injections and will have to see the vet again soon. On the journey home she perked up quite a bit and ate a large supper as soon as we arrived. She is now curled up on my armchair again, asleep, though her limbs seem to be functioning properly again.

This little cat seems to have more than the regulation 9 lives - either that or St Francis has her in his hands.

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