Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Cat's health ...

Twenty-one is a really 'great' age if you are a cat, at least according to our vet. Madam Paddy Cat may not entirely agree as her back legs are giving trouble and the injections for that are now causing a stomach problem. That said, there's plenty of life in the old girl yet, she certainly makes use of her full vocabulary of "bad" words when the vet tries anything Madam feels is not permitted and tonight's visit to the Bad Schwalbach practice was a real education in how to put humans in their place.

Oh well, the old lady is now sat on the patio bench next to me, our resident black bird is having hysterics because "there's a cat in HIS garden" and I'm enjoying the cool twilight and a great "dunkel" bier.

Tomorrow, perhaps, when I'm back on the desktop I can post some pictures of the now completed and planted out "Krauter Schnecker" which, I have to say, took a lot of work to complete, but is looking great. And now Madam Paddy wants a bit more attention....

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