Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Selling out the Jews ...

Western society has a very chequered relationship with the Jewish people, going all the way back to the Romans and possibly beyond that. Certainly ever since the expulsion of the Jews from Jerusalem and the renaming of their land and the city in 70 AD, the Jewish Diaspora has faced hostility, persecution, ethnic cleansing and an barrage of what is best termed propaganda and racial prejudice. Individually and collectively they are usually hardworking, inventive and decent folk - so why does the West in particular hate them so? One reason, given me by a Jew, is that we find we can't patronise them. Another is that no matter what we have done to them - from burning them in Clifford's Tower in York, to expelling them and passing laws barring them from living in "Christian" lands, to rounding them up and placing them in Extermination Camps where the most horrendous and barbaric "medical" experiments were conducted on selected victims, we have still not eradicated their faith, their race or their spirit of independence.

It is popular in today's western culture to take a stance on the existence of Israel as either "an unfortunate fact, one causing all the tension in the Middle East" or, as in the case of the latest bunch of terrorist loving morons from the UK, "it's an illegal state with no right of existence and must be brought down." That, of course, suits the attitude of the Islamic Arab nations, who have historically persecuted, and still persecute both Christians and Jews, despite their own religious Book calling for them to recognise both as 'true' Believers.

The British have long disliked the Jewish people. When we acquired control of the Ottoman Province of "Palestine" or more correctly, Jordan, in 1917, the pompous British Administrators found to their chagrin that the Jews, despite the obstacles the Ottomans and the Arab populace had placed in their way, were very much still a large presence and what was worse, actually thriving pretty nicely. The Jewish collective farms, Kibbutz, were the only parts that actually produced large enough volumes of produce to sell profitably. What was worse, the Jewish people, some of them admittedly 'settlers' following the Russian Pogroms and ethnic cleansing of the 19th Century, were pretty close to a majority.

Various politicians began by promising, in 1919 under the League of Nations Protectorate charter, by promising to create a "Jewish Homeland State." That was, of course, compromised by the need to keep their Arab client "Kings" on board and the struggle in Iraq for independence. As is always the case, the politicians, by not understanding any of the history, made a mess of it and the result was the Jewish rebellion in which we labelled the Jewish "Freedom Fighters" as "gangsters and subversives." The fact is the Stern Gang were probably much more gentlemanly than Hammas or the PLO! At least the Stern organisation targeted military and British Administrators (I guess I agree with them on that last one!) and not general civilians. The Stern Gang was, in fact a response to the patent British duplicity whereby they, having promised a Jewish Home State, handed control to their pal and ally against the Ottomans - and made the Hashemite leader, Sherif Abdullah of Mecca, King.

To make matters worse, if they could be, the British establishment maintained a stance throughout the 1930's that Hitler, despite his utterances and seizure of Jewish owned property, presented no real threat to European Jews. In fact the civil service placed innumerable obstacles in the way of any Jew applying for a visa to escape the Nazi persecutions. Even after Crystal Nacht, senior civil servants were briefing Ministers and in turn Parliament, that such events were a "natural expression of frustration" at the wealth the Jews controlled and that there was no need to relax the immigration controls for this people.

Of course, once they could no longer deny what was happening, it became a great way to whip up public antipathy toward the "brutal Germans" - and now we had some victims to patronise as well. But, once the reality of the Death Camps really became public, the British showed their true colours again - making the "Rehabilitation Centres" virtual prisons in their efforts to prevent the natural desire of the survivors from seeking new lives away from the possibility of future purges. Those from the Eastern Bloc countries cannot be blamed for not wishing to be repatriated to homelands now firmly under the thumb of one of histories least acknowledged but most murderous dictators - 'Uncle' Joe Stalin. Even now, there is little acknowledgement among western historians of the 30 million or so Russian peasants - many of them Jews - who died under Stalin's orders.

Certainly, in 1945, the question of a Jewish Homeland became a real issue, and not unnaturally, the Jews wanted their traditional home, Israel and their traditional capital, Jerusalem. The British had, by this time, given promises to the Arabs that Jerusalem would be an Arab city and Israel would remain under Arab control. The attempt by Attlee and his cabinet of closet communists, to hand over full control to Jordan resulted in the 1947 war. The British government cannot say it had not been warned. They had - and how did they expect the Jews to respond to the public declarations by various Arabs in Israel at that time, that as soon as the British were out of there, they intended to erase the Jews from history?

So, we now have the mess that is the Middle East, brought about by the prejudice of the British Administrators and the tribal rivalries of the Middle East. Interestingly I note that the official history of the Kingdom of Jordan makes no mention whatever of the Jewish states that occupied that land. Reading the 'official' history one is left with the impression that there never was a Jewish nation.

What has sparked my writing this? Very simply this. There is now a proposal before the Security Council of the UN, apparently supported by the US and the EU, to unilaterally "recognise" a country called "Palestine" and its "capital" as Jerusalem. Such a move will automatically legitimise a new Middle Eastern war against Israel by her neighbours - and patently the Obama Administration intends to cut off support for Israel in any such conflict.

I am frankly appalled by this - but not at all surprised. Anti-Jewish sentiment is rife in Britain, as a simple scan of any news report of the Israel/Palestinian conflict will show. British policy is equally biased. The law against the "spreading of racial or religious hatred" is very swiftly applied if any Muslim (Or more usually someone acting as a self appointed 'guardian' of someone else's sensitivities) is "offended" by anything said or done by a Christian or a Jew - but Synagogues, Jewish graves and Jews are routinely insulted, spat upon, defaced or desecrated - and the Establishment and Police do nothing. Again, take a look at the puerile anti-Jew utterances that clutter any News Forum covering the Middle East. Even the 'Blood Libels' - the infamous "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" (A 19th Century concoction dreamed up by the Russian Secret Police to justify the murder of Jews and the seizure of their land and property) is freely available for sale in London.

If this UN-sponsored folly is allowed to pass, I predict that the resulting conflict will bring about something far worse than mere "climate change" - it will bring about an Armageddon - and the sponsors of this moronic motion will be entirely responsible.

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