Saturday, 16 July 2011


Current projects include getting my first two Harry Heron books (Their Lordships Request ... and Out of Time) converted to be available as eBooks, one of them needing a new cover for the project. A second project is finally getting the fourth book in that series published. This is happening through Abbot Press - and appropriate publisher I think, given my nom de plume for this blog.

The cover art for On The Run is currently being created by my brother, based in Cape Town. And I don't mind admitting that he is a superb artist, in fact his work is superb. One of these days I'll get his permission to post a few photographs of some of his projects here. They certainly deserve to be more widely known. I wish I could draw or paint the way he does!

Once these three "projects" are completed, I plan to return to my search for a publisher for my book based on St Patrick. Writing that was a labour of love for me and I really felt close to the saint as I wrote it. Researching him, his period and the sort of conditions and life he would have experienced was enriching, sometimes appalling and definitely confirming in faith. My ambition is to see it in print and preferably on the bookshelves of every bookstore I can reach.

Yes, I have several other books I want to write - and all I can say is - watch this space ...

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