Monday, 31 October 2011

Something to bring a smile ...

Mondays can be depressing, but I found this on YouTube by accident ...

Les Chats, by Rossini.

For anyone who doesn't know it, this is a comic duet usually sung by two Sopranos. It will never be the same for me again after watching these performers sing it.

Just wish Madam Paddy Cat was as harmonious...

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Music and feasts ...

Yesterday we had a great treat. Carleton Etherington playing at the Marktkirche in Wiesbaden. Carleton is the organist and Master of the Choristers at Tewkesbury Abbey and was invited to provide this Saturday's lunchtime recital in the Marktkirche, Wiesbaden. He produced a fantastic concert of three pieces by "modern" English composers for our listening pleasure and certainly wowed the large audience that packed the church.

Afterward Mausi and I had the pleasure of showing him and Katie round a part of the Rheingau and then taking them to dinner at the family run hotel and restuarant in Frauenstein. The Hotel Sinz is one part of a family operation which includes a vineyard and winery. The food was superb, the wines excellent and the company perfect.

Today the clocks went back, but Madam Paddy Cat does not acknowledge this purely human foible - her "I want my breakfast yowl" was still on the Summer Time schedule. Oh well, we had to get going early anyway as our church was host to the local Anglican congregation today and we needed to get there in time to help prepare for it. In the end it was a lovely service and great fun.

Friday, 28 October 2011


I'm just about to set out for Frankfurt Airport to meet two of my friends from Tewkesbury. They're here for a concert in the Marktkirche tomorrow and we plan to show them a bit of the Rheingau afterward.

I have to say I'm looking forward to both the music and their company!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Mythology ...

Myths often have power way beyond truth, which tends not to serve the ends of those who create myths. As an infamous 20th Century propagandist once remarked "a lie has gone half way round the world before the truth has its boots on."

More and more frequently we hear how "Christianity is responsible for millions of deaths in South America" or "Christianity provoked the Crusades" or "Christians are opposed to science." The usual charge in regard to the first is that it was the "Church" which demanded more and more gold from the Indians and tortured and burned them to get it. The truth, sadly, is that it was the Church which begged and pleaded - yes, the letters to the King of Spain, the Pope and various other authorities still exist - for the Conquistadors to be stopped in their rape of the resources and peoples of the New World. As ever, however, the greed and avarice of the secular authorities overrode the servants of the gospel - and saw to it that the "history" they promulgated told a different story. How easy to cover your outright asset stripping by claiming it was "The Church" made me do it ... Funny thing that, take a look at who benefited from the fortunes made in these "holy" wars and who now shouts loudest about "The Church's" being behind it all.

The Inquisition is now frequently accused of burning "thousands" at the stake for heresy, but the meticulous records of these trials show that, in fact it was a far lesser number who actually suffered this fate. The Inquisition's rules of evidence were extremely strict. Similarly, they are blamed for the "Witch Trials" and so are a number of Protestant Churches, but when you go to the court records you find that the charges were invariably brought by secular authorities and the "evidence" was very flimsy - so flimsy that wherever the Inquisition got to hear of it the trials were usually stopped on the grounds that the evidence was flawed. It is a sad fact that where the churches were actually involved - and I don't include Cromwell's Puritans as Christian - the numbers of people condemned for this "offence" are very small indeed. The same cannot be said of those areas where the secular authorities held complete power. Again, a close look at the circumstances of the victims and the accusers and a pattern emerges - greed, envy and covetousness. Often the victim occupied or possessed something the accuser wanted... How comfortable to be able to blame "The Church" for the legalised theft.

Islam was spread by two means, first by trade and coercion, then by force of arms - though its founder used force of arms to establish it and to obtain control of Mecca and Medina in the first instance. Gradually infiltrating the Byzantine Provinces in what is now Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and Sinai, they resorted to war when the civil and Christian authorities refused to accede to the same demands now being heard in the UK and elsewhere for the imposition of Sharia Law, and the recognition of the "supremacy" of Islam in all matters religious. The Crusades were initially sparked by appeals for help from the Byzantine governors of the remaining Asian Province - the bit closest to modern Istanbul and by reports from the Holy Land of Christians being ejected from churches and homes because the authorities demanded they change faith. The church on the site of the Temple in Jerusalem was demolished at this time and replaced by a mosque. The present Mosque on that site is also a former church, though a later one built by the Knights Templar as their "Mother Church."

The rationale used by the Muslim Princes was simple - Jews and Christians, though "People of the Book" were "Dhimmi" - believers in a false religion and therefore not entitled to hold possessions or to use sacred sites. The early campaigns were infused with religious fervour, but the leaders quickly realised there was land, treasure and power to be had - and suddenly the purpose of the exercise lost, for them, its Christian ethics, and became a land and power grab. That became very evident when they sacked Byzantium itself in 1326 and left it open for the Arab Muslim invaders. But, of course, when it all went sour, they were quick to turn it around - "The Church" made them do it.

The persecution of the Jews in Europe followed a similar pattern. The Jews tended to be the Bankers of Kings (Something similar seems to be happening today in Wall Street ...) and when the Kings had borrowed to the hilt and couldn't meet their payments - oh what a convenient way to get rid of the debts. "The Jews killed Jesus!" Stir up the mobs, kill the Jews and seize their assets. Debt crisis solved! And again, the history books record that the perpetrators were "Christians" and "The Church" - the Kings get away with genocide and blame that convenient scapegoat. Again, there are a lot of letters and petitions from Bishops, Abbots and Priests, begging the civil authorities to stop the purges, all ignored then and now conveniently hidden in dusty archives none of the modern generation bother to access...

When you look closely at history some very interesting facts tend to emerge. Religion is often used as a cloak to conceal a real motive for some atrocity. This is as true today of the actions of the Taliban or the Mujahedin as it was of the Conquistadores and Crusaders. Look, in each case, at who gained the most from the atrocities and excesses - almost always the faith and the people of the faith got no benefit at all. But the 'leaders' walked away with vast estates and fortunes. So it is today, the difference, of course, is that now it is a case of "redressing the balances" and "countering the evils of organised religion" as the rich and powerful shift their allegiances to suit the "modern" interpretation of morality, justice or whatever. Anyone who reads the prophecies of Isaiah, Jeremiah or any of the others can see the same pattern. The rich, famous and powerful use religion to cloak their avarice and their activities as long as it suits them - then when there is some advantage to be gained by denying one religion - they quickly convert to another. That is what is happening at present in our society.

Reading the newspapers you could be forgiven for thinking that ALL sexual and physical abuse of children and young people is committed and always has been committed exclusively by clergy. In fact, the statistics of the US Criminal Bureau and those of the UK show that the rogue clergy have been responsible for single figure percentages of the abuse, by far the bulk is carried out by parents, friends of parents or strangers, none of whom have any connection with "The Church." As Dr Goebbels proved - it's all in how the "facts" are presented.

It is a travesty, of course, it may even be self-defeating in the end, one can only hope that the consequences will be visited on those who choose to live that way, and not on those they so revile and denigrate for holding to their faith.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

New Cover Art for On The Run

Today received the cover painting done by my brother for the latest Harry Heron story ...

I must say I'm pretty pleased with what he has done. He's captured the alien nature of the planet a large part of the story is set on and some of the action. So what is the story about ...

Harry Nelson-Heron is, to all intents, an ordinary young man with some special talents. He’s also possibly the only man beside his friend Ferghal O’Connor, from the same age and background, who can stop the Consortium’s plan to ruin the democratic Confederation’s economy and impose their own oligarchy. Sub-lieutenant Heron and his men find themselves in a desperate race to survive on an alien world – until they find shelter with an alien people and their even stranger ‘Provider’ who helps them create their own weapons and mayhem for the Consortium … Their intervention in the Consortium's campaign leads to the frustration of a serious threat to democracy and an explosive climax. A fast paced adventure that takes Harry, Ferghal and their younger companion, Daniel Gunn on a chase across the galaxy.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

No Referendum Please, We're British ...

Seems to be the attitude of the political classes in the UK at present. I suspect the reason every major party has reneged on promises to hold one on continued membership of the EU is that they know that they will probably get an answer they don't want. In a large part this is their own fault. The EU is a dirty word in the UK, primarily because government after government has used it as the excuse for passing ever more unpopular regulations and laws, but also because, no matter what the people of Britain want or vote for, Brussels - unelected and unelectable - always overrules it.

I happen to believe that, in general, the EU could be a good thing for all European nations, but not in its present form and certainly not with unelected "Commissioners" and bureaucrats having the power to flout the laws of member nations, overrule courts (or ignore judgements which don't suit their agenda) and intervene in the lawful business of traders and manufacturers. Nor is the EU made any more acceptable when Parliament refuses to acknowledge that their electorate has some very legitimate concerns about the direction the EU has taken and refuses to give them a voice. The EU tore the last Conservative government apart, it is now threatening to tear the present one apart, but it is not a uniquely Conservative problem. Liebor has equal divisions, but, as Socialists with an "Inetrnationalist" agenda, it is perhaps less obvious.

Blair promised a Referendum over the Lisbon Treaty, having already surrendered all the reservations and opt-outs the country had from the Maastricht Treaty (Over which there was supposed to have been a referendum as well). He then reneged, claiming that the Lisbon Treaty had "no major impact" on the UK's position or constitution. When truly pressed, he claimed it changed nothing, but, either he hadn't understood it or didn't want to admit he'd surrendered everything. Either way, no referendum from him and now no referendum from Cameron.

The real problem at the heart of this is a reluctance in Parliament to admit that their much vaunted "sovereignty" rests on the consent of the people. They claim that to consult the electorate on these issues would "undermine" the "sovereignty of Parliament." The truth is that this twisting and turning simply deepens the distrust of the people in both the institution of Parliament and in the EU.

Someone needs to ram this through the heads of the political classes and perhaps more importantly, through the unelected bureaucrats who really run the country.

Monday, 24 October 2011


The weather here is certainly not very mild at present. After the heat in Tehran, a bit of a shock, but it is Autumn and wind, cold and potentially rain should not be a surprise!

Oh well, time to get the woolies out methinks...

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Literary Prizes ...

I have often seen books advertised as "Winner of the XXX Prize" or "Nominated for the XXX-Prize" and wondered how they were selected and by whom. Since I began publishing my own work in fiction I have learned that publishers nominate books from their catalogues and, in theory, any publisher can nominate a book. Whether it actually gets accepted is another matter and whether it gets a mention depends on the rules for that prize, the selection committee's preferences and tastes and frequently whether or not the author is "known" and successful - or has the right connections.

I recently watched the pre-Booker Prize Dinner interviews on the BBC. It was eye-opening to say the very least and made me very aware that some of the Traditional Publishers - and perhaps the Book critics as well - have no interest in generating a wider audience. The statement that really got my attention was from one of the Judges, who is a senior member of the Prize committee and if I heard it right, a Commissioning Editor for one of the major publishers. In response to the interviewers comment that the "favourite" for the prize was a thick tome which was "barely readable" he stated "Readability is irrelevant. What matters is its literary value."

I confess I almost choked on my coffee. Surely for something to be a "literary contribution" it must be readable? Or has my editor got that wrong? No wonder I haven't been nominated for these awards ...

Listening to the rest of the interviews it emerged that many of the judges are looking for "social commentary" or "presenting a view of society" or even "a critical re-examining of history and institutions." Evidently the main criteria are that the book must, in some way, promote some view of society or the world which the judges and selectors wish to promote. That is interesting, since my editors have commented on this aspect as well, one remarking that my Harry Heron stories made some interesting comments on aspects of current and possibly future society.

Of one thing I think I may be very certain, I'm unlikely to see any of my efforts listed in the nominations!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Unique collection under threat ...

Once again the politicians in charge of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority are trying to destroy the Brigade's valuable and, quite possibly, unique museum. The museum occupies space in the building which was once the home and headquarters of Sir Eyre Massey Shaw, London's second professional Chief fire Officer. The collection contains valuable and irreplaceable photographs, paintings and equipment.

The problem is that the LFEPA wants to save money - so it chooses to break up, destroy and disperse this astonishing collection of equipment and memorablilia, some of which predates the formation of the London Fire Engine Establishment (Forerunner of the modern London Fire Brigade) by a couple of centuries.

This post is an appeal for help in saving the museum and the collection. I would appeal to all readers to at least read the petition and, if possible, to sign it. If you are in the UK, please consider writing to the MPs and Assembly Members named in the petition.  This collection is far to valuable to be left to the annual whims of a bunch of politicians who have no understanding of what they stand to destroy. This is the second time in two years that they are attempting to do this. They will save very little in closing the museum, it amounts to a single salary for the curator - all the other staffing comes from volunteers. Retired fire fighters and their friends who know the true value of the collection.

The problem is that not many people know where it is or how to gain access. To get some idea of where it is and what it offers, look at London Fire Brigade: Our Museum. The museum even has a Wikipedia entry, albeit a brief one. Surely a measure of the value of retaining it at all cost!

Even if you do not live in London but wish to help save the museum, please show your support and help this cause by writing to :

Boris Johnson

Mayor of London
Greater London Authority
City Hall
The Queen's walk
More LondonSE1 2AA

Brian Coleman and Navin Shah and Ed Butcher  and David Cartwright
London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority ( LFEPA)169 Union Street
London SE10LL

Please send your letters to all four politicians. The more letters they get, the more likely we are to see them reconsider this stupidity.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Absence makes the heart ...

Hopefully, grow fonder. The Monk is away in Iran for a conference for the rest of the week. Provided no one goes on strike, no volcanoes blow their tubes inconveniently and Lufthansa maintains its schedules, he will be home again on Friday with lots to tell.

As we say in German then - Bis Freitag!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Migration ...

This late flock of Common Cranes passed overhead yesterday afternoon and Mausi managed to get a picture of them. Yesterday a flight of this size passed overhead at intervals of about 5 - 10 minutes, all heading in the same direction and all following the same flight path. As we are on the Approach Path for Frankfurt am Main airport, I hope Air Traffic is able to track them ...

Close-up images of the birds can be found at Photographers Direct.

Autumn is now definitely here. Temperatures have plunged in the last couple of days and it only barely got to 10*C today - though in the wind it fely colder. The birds obviously plan a much warmer winter location!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Good causes ...

I'd like to draw attention to a bit of a challenge raised in a comment yesterday and on a blog about a month ago. Check this post at "Not the six word novel" and then check out her other blog at  "The hundred poem challenge."

Jen suffers from a genetic disease likely to destroy her sight in the next few years. There is no treatment and no cure - at present. She has launched a challenge and an appeal to support the research into EEC Syndrome, which despite the initials, is nothing to do with the European Economic Community. It is in fact a genetic malfunction in a gene which controls the regeneration and renewal of the cornea. Transplants don't work, because the transplanted tissue is destroyed fairly rapidly by the malfunction.

An explanatory video can be found on The Hundred Poem Challenge along with a Donation Page. I would urge anyone reading this to at least visit the site and listen to the video. If you can, please support the appeal.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Migrants ...

Mausi and I have just watched the passing of several thousand migrating cranes. They make quite a racket "talking" to each other as they fly and the fascinating thing is how they all seem to be following a very narrow "flight path" and making use of updrafts off the mountain slopes around us at intervals to gain altitude.

From the direction they are taking I'm guessing their route will skirt the French Alpine region, then cross France into Spain and across the Strait of Gibraltar into Africa. I'd post a picture, but couldn't get one - as ever the camera was not handy and I didn't want to miss the show. The swallows vanished in early September, the geese flocks passed over us last Tuesday and now the cranes...

Guess that means we should prepare for winter ourselves - which is what Mausi and I have been doing in the garden.

Thursday, 13 October 2011


Today is the birthday of the Postulant, the Monk's eldest daughter. She arrived on Friday the 13th a while ago and makes her father very proud indeed. Tomorrow she collects the keys for her new home and will move house on Saturday.

Two significant milestones to celebrate!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Kudos for the Archbishop of Canterbury...

According to the news he has defied Mugabe's despotic forces and held a very well received Communion in a sports stadium. Even if it could have been held in the national cathedral, there would have been far to many people for the space. The cathedral is, unfortunately, in the hands of Mugabe's crony, the self-styled "Archbishop of Harare" who was excommunicated by his brother Bishops in the Central African Convocation of Bishops for his extremist views, support of Mugabe and frankly un-Christian behaviour.

Mugabe has sent in his troops and police, seized all Anglican Churches and his crony is now attempting to do the same in neighbouring countries, claiming that the "church" has abandoned the Bible. I doubt he can even read it quite frankly and it is certainly a long time since he or his mentor followed any part of it. This clown turned up at the GAFCON meeting chaired by the Sydney Archbishop and Mugabe, a Roman Catholic in name at least, turned up in the Vatican for the funeral of Pope John Paul II. Neither of them should have been allowed to get of the aircraft - unless it was in handcuffs for trial. Mugabe for mass murder (In his first 5 years in power 40,000 Ndebele men aged 16 - 50 vanished. Their bodies have been located - in a disused mineshaft.) and genocide and the his pal, the unChristian 'Bishop', for Grand Larceny, accessory to murder and inciting murder.

It is reported that +Rowan will meet the despot and attempt to persuade him to stop the persecutions. The Archbishop will be under no illusions as to the response and knows the response will be bluster, accusations and more lies and falsehoods, but the attempt has to be made. I have equally no doubt that +Rowan, a most Christian man of deep conviction and very profound faith will find the confrontation deeply unpleasant and a severe trial of his Christian ethics. I pray that he will be strengthened and that his detractors will take note that he has done far more than the spineless occupants of the House across the river from Lambeth Palace...

The Archbishop deserves the accolade of the nation, but I have no doubt it will be met with the usual sneers of the self-righteous and godless media.

Monday, 10 October 2011

An evening concert.

Last night we went to a concert in the Lutherkirch in Wiesbaden. The concert was to celebrate the completion of the restoration of the 100 year old Walcker Organ and for the occasion it was joined by the Weisbaden Bachorchester. We were treated to a programme that included two concertos for Organ and Orchestra, the first being one by Josef Gabriel Rheinberger (1839 - 1901) (Concerto no. 2 in G) and the second to end the programme Francis Poulenc's Concerto for Organ, String Orchestra and kettle drums. In between we had the organ strut its stuff with Lizt's Prelude and Fuge on B-A-C-H, Widor's Allegro from the Organ Symphony No 5 in F and Durufle's Choral Variations on a theme from Veni Creator.

It was grand, to say the least.

The church itself is an interesting building, being built in the early 20th Century to a very grand design and decorated in the Art Nouveau ideas of Medieval painted walls. The Walcker organ sits above the choir gallery at the East end of the church with the console located behind the sounding board for the central pulpit. Galleries run around both sides of the church and a larger one spans the rear of the nave and part of the narthax or entrance. It was not until we stood to leave that we realised there is a second large organ, a modern one, sat on the rear gallery!

I guess one day we'll have to go and find out what that can do!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Day of Prayer

Today all Christian's are asked to pray for the deliverance of Pastor Nadarkhani in Iran. The original charges of "Converting to Christianity" have now been changed to "rape, extortion and Zionism." It is clearly a case of having realised that they were infringing the UN's Human Rights Charter - which they claim to follow - they are now trying a different route to make sure they can publicly murder this Christian.

We are asked to pray for all Christians living in countries where they are persecuted for their faith. Among these are -

Pakistan: The Blasphemy Law (The Christian Creeds are blasphemous according to Islamic teaching) is regularly used to dispossess Christians and redistribute their land and property,
Turkey: Where the law requires that the Orthodox Patriarch must be (a) Turkish, and (b) trained in a Turkish Theological school - but ignores the fact that the only Christian Theological College in Turkey was closed by the government in 1934,
Iran: Where Christians are routinely restricted, subject to discrimination and their churches closed or raided.

I will add -

Christians in Palestine and Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Libya.

In the last named I have personally experienced the sort of difficulty Christians experience daily. An "authorised" service for Christians was scheduled to be held in a school hall (Churches are severely restricted!) but the key holder decided to "go and visit relatives" 200 miles away on the afternoon of the service, taking the keys with him. It was illegal to hold the service anywhere else and it could not, for the same reason, be held in the open - as that would be deemed to be attempting to convert "the faithful" to Christianity. It took several phone calls and a number of appeals to people higher up the management tree to finally get an order to another key holder to open the building for the service.

I am aware of similar difficulties for many others in Palestine (Let's not forget the Hamas terrorists who occupied the Church of the Nativity in complete disregard for the desecration they would have not hesitated to raise murder and mayhem over if it had been a mosque!) and elsewhere in these Middle Eastern countries.

I will be praying too for the "enlightenment" of our politicians in the West ...

Though that may be a miracle too far.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Murderous career ...

In the news this weekend is a case which must surely raise questions about the current practice of releasing murderers into "supervised freedom" after serving half their sentences. I refer to the case of Robert Black, currently appearing before a court in Armagh for a murder he committed 30 years ago. In order to protect his "right to a fair trial" the jury were not aware of the fact that he has been convicted of three other murders - all of them children whom he had sexually assaulted - and one attempted abduction.

He is now 64 and given the fact that he will be likely to survive to at least 80, can expect to be released into "community care" well before the end of any so-called "life sentence" - which he is still presumably serving for the other murders. Though I would suspect that as he was first convicted in 1996 he may well have been elligible for release now, had the Northern Irish Police not managed to bring the new charges against him.

Repeatedly we see cases like this where someone with a long record of violence, abuse or murder gets the benefit of legal protection in order to avoid "prejudicing the jury" and in some cases they actually get away with it. One high profile rape case saw a jury bring in a verdict of "not guilty" because some of its members didn't trust the police - only to have the jury foreman declare publicly afterward - once the man's full criminal record had been revealed in the press - that had they known about it the verdict would have definitely gone the other way. Not surprisingly, the same man appeared a year or so later in court, charged with rape and attempted murder and almost got away with it again.

My own feeling is it is time to call time on juries. Most people called to jury duty are not competent to weigh up the facts or the evidence they hear. A panel of Judges with Lay Assistants drawn, perhaps, from a qualified pool, should replace them and the emphasis must also shift away from the "rights" to concealing such matters as a criminal record where it is pertinent to the case and the evidence. Far too many criminals walk free because some members of a jury cannot assess evidence or are simply unable to lay aside their own prejudices against the police, the law or society.

The second part is that there needs to be a reappraisal of the practice of routinely releasing convicted killers and other violent criminals onc half a jail term has been served. Most are not fully supervised and many reoffend within a very short space of time, often with tragic consequences.

Time for a complete overhaul I think.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Roman traces ...

Visited Trier last Saturday. It is a fascinating place and was, for about 200 years, the Imperial City of the Western Roman Empire. A number of major Roman buildings have survived the centuries, the wars and the various invasions (Not least the French!) and the pictures below show - 

The Amphitheater ...
 The Basilica built by Constantine in 330AD
 A drain beneath the Amphitheater
 The Trier DOM, a triple cathedral building started in the early 400s AD ...
 The Porta Nigra (Black Gate) and the original North Gate in the City Wall in Roman times. The wall measured almost 7 km in total and had five gates like this one. Trier was a very important city by any standards at that time ...

Monday, 3 October 2011

Freedom of Religion ...

Christianity has a new martyr, the Iranian Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani is sentenced to die by public hanging for "apostacy." His "crime" is that he has "converted" to Christianity, even though he was not a Muslim. The court apparently decided that he has a "Muslim background."

What is most interesting is the total silence from any politician in the west and the absolute silence from the UN, whose conventions on human rights, freedom of religion and freedom from persecution are being blatantly flouted by a state whose President regularly is invited to lecture the assembly on the evils of the west. This is the same regime that recently announced it was setting up a Human Rights Commission to "investigate" the UKs "breaches of Human Rights" in the recent rioting, and now seeks to build a nuclear arsenal.

I note with interest that this hanging is not mentioned by the BBC, the Guardian, the Independent or any of the rest of the UK Media. Not one Liebor Party MP has raised a murmur about it and neither has anyone from the LibDem or Conservative Parties. OK, so Parliament is on its annual extended holiday, but you'd think the Foreign Office would at least mutter a protest.

Prayers for the soul of this new martyr for his faith are asked for.

A sharply worded note to your MP wouldn't go amiss either!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Milliband playing to the Party ...

The news reports that the Liebor Party "Leader" has made a wonderful speech to his faithful drones. In it he promises to "smash" the "something for nothing culture" of modern Britain. What you can bet on is that he wasn't aiming at the freeloaders his Party have encouraged to milk the system, no, his sights, and those of his Party, are set on the "rich" - everyone who earns more than the "UK average" income.

Big deal, he also claims that his Party have to admit they made mistakes while in power.

Mistakes? They sold off the national Gold Reserve at the bottom of the market for the metal, then they went on a spending spree. It now emerges that in the first four years of Blair's 'reign' they spent every penny the previous administration had carefully built up in reserve, then started borrowing. When the country should have been building upits reserves as the money literally rolled in - they spent everything and more. Mistakes? Sounds more like a deliberate attempt to bankrupt the nation to me.

Frankly, this Party and their supporters should be sequestrated to pay for their excesses. They took over a thriving and strong economy and bust it. Deliberately.

We should be warned. Socialism has never, and will never, work. It is founded on envy and cultivates it. Every "socialist" county in the world is now bankrupt - Greece, Portugal and Italy are wonderful examples of how to bankrupt a nation, all more or less socialist. Liebor must never be allowed to rule again. Ever.