Saturday, 1 October 2011

Milliband playing to the Party ...

The news reports that the Liebor Party "Leader" has made a wonderful speech to his faithful drones. In it he promises to "smash" the "something for nothing culture" of modern Britain. What you can bet on is that he wasn't aiming at the freeloaders his Party have encouraged to milk the system, no, his sights, and those of his Party, are set on the "rich" - everyone who earns more than the "UK average" income.

Big deal, he also claims that his Party have to admit they made mistakes while in power.

Mistakes? They sold off the national Gold Reserve at the bottom of the market for the metal, then they went on a spending spree. It now emerges that in the first four years of Blair's 'reign' they spent every penny the previous administration had carefully built up in reserve, then started borrowing. When the country should have been building upits reserves as the money literally rolled in - they spent everything and more. Mistakes? Sounds more like a deliberate attempt to bankrupt the nation to me.

Frankly, this Party and their supporters should be sequestrated to pay for their excesses. They took over a thriving and strong economy and bust it. Deliberately.

We should be warned. Socialism has never, and will never, work. It is founded on envy and cultivates it. Every "socialist" county in the world is now bankrupt - Greece, Portugal and Italy are wonderful examples of how to bankrupt a nation, all more or less socialist. Liebor must never be allowed to rule again. Ever.

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