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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Roman traces ...

Visited Trier last Saturday. It is a fascinating place and was, for about 200 years, the Imperial City of the Western Roman Empire. A number of major Roman buildings have survived the centuries, the wars and the various invasions (Not least the French!) and the pictures below show - 

The Amphitheater ...
 The Basilica built by Constantine in 330AD
 A drain beneath the Amphitheater
 The Trier DOM, a triple cathedral building started in the early 400s AD ...
 The Porta Nigra (Black Gate) and the original North Gate in the City Wall in Roman times. The wall measured almost 7 km in total and had five gates like this one. Trier was a very important city by any standards at that time ...


  1. Stunning looking place. I'll bet it was fun exploring all the ruins.

  2. It certainly was - and the Mosel valley region is a stunning sight in itself.