Monday, 3 October 2011

Freedom of Religion ...

Christianity has a new martyr, the Iranian Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani is sentenced to die by public hanging for "apostacy." His "crime" is that he has "converted" to Christianity, even though he was not a Muslim. The court apparently decided that he has a "Muslim background."

What is most interesting is the total silence from any politician in the west and the absolute silence from the UN, whose conventions on human rights, freedom of religion and freedom from persecution are being blatantly flouted by a state whose President regularly is invited to lecture the assembly on the evils of the west. This is the same regime that recently announced it was setting up a Human Rights Commission to "investigate" the UKs "breaches of Human Rights" in the recent rioting, and now seeks to build a nuclear arsenal.

I note with interest that this hanging is not mentioned by the BBC, the Guardian, the Independent or any of the rest of the UK Media. Not one Liebor Party MP has raised a murmur about it and neither has anyone from the LibDem or Conservative Parties. OK, so Parliament is on its annual extended holiday, but you'd think the Foreign Office would at least mutter a protest.

Prayers for the soul of this new martyr for his faith are asked for.

A sharply worded note to your MP wouldn't go amiss either!

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