Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Kudos for the Archbishop of Canterbury...

According to the news he has defied Mugabe's despotic forces and held a very well received Communion in a sports stadium. Even if it could have been held in the national cathedral, there would have been far to many people for the space. The cathedral is, unfortunately, in the hands of Mugabe's crony, the self-styled "Archbishop of Harare" who was excommunicated by his brother Bishops in the Central African Convocation of Bishops for his extremist views, support of Mugabe and frankly un-Christian behaviour.

Mugabe has sent in his troops and police, seized all Anglican Churches and his crony is now attempting to do the same in neighbouring countries, claiming that the "church" has abandoned the Bible. I doubt he can even read it quite frankly and it is certainly a long time since he or his mentor followed any part of it. This clown turned up at the GAFCON meeting chaired by the Sydney Archbishop and Mugabe, a Roman Catholic in name at least, turned up in the Vatican for the funeral of Pope John Paul II. Neither of them should have been allowed to get of the aircraft - unless it was in handcuffs for trial. Mugabe for mass murder (In his first 5 years in power 40,000 Ndebele men aged 16 - 50 vanished. Their bodies have been located - in a disused mineshaft.) and genocide and the his pal, the unChristian 'Bishop', for Grand Larceny, accessory to murder and inciting murder.

It is reported that +Rowan will meet the despot and attempt to persuade him to stop the persecutions. The Archbishop will be under no illusions as to the response and knows the response will be bluster, accusations and more lies and falsehoods, but the attempt has to be made. I have equally no doubt that +Rowan, a most Christian man of deep conviction and very profound faith will find the confrontation deeply unpleasant and a severe trial of his Christian ethics. I pray that he will be strengthened and that his detractors will take note that he has done far more than the spineless occupants of the House across the river from Lambeth Palace...

The Archbishop deserves the accolade of the nation, but I have no doubt it will be met with the usual sneers of the self-righteous and godless media.

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