Wednesday, 26 October 2011

New Cover Art for On The Run

Today received the cover painting done by my brother for the latest Harry Heron story ...

I must say I'm pretty pleased with what he has done. He's captured the alien nature of the planet a large part of the story is set on and some of the action. So what is the story about ...

Harry Nelson-Heron is, to all intents, an ordinary young man with some special talents. He’s also possibly the only man beside his friend Ferghal O’Connor, from the same age and background, who can stop the Consortium’s plan to ruin the democratic Confederation’s economy and impose their own oligarchy. Sub-lieutenant Heron and his men find themselves in a desperate race to survive on an alien world – until they find shelter with an alien people and their even stranger ‘Provider’ who helps them create their own weapons and mayhem for the Consortium … Their intervention in the Consortium's campaign leads to the frustration of a serious threat to democracy and an explosive climax. A fast paced adventure that takes Harry, Ferghal and their younger companion, Daniel Gunn on a chase across the galaxy.

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