Sunday, 9 October 2011

Day of Prayer

Today all Christian's are asked to pray for the deliverance of Pastor Nadarkhani in Iran. The original charges of "Converting to Christianity" have now been changed to "rape, extortion and Zionism." It is clearly a case of having realised that they were infringing the UN's Human Rights Charter - which they claim to follow - they are now trying a different route to make sure they can publicly murder this Christian.

We are asked to pray for all Christians living in countries where they are persecuted for their faith. Among these are -

Pakistan: The Blasphemy Law (The Christian Creeds are blasphemous according to Islamic teaching) is regularly used to dispossess Christians and redistribute their land and property,
Turkey: Where the law requires that the Orthodox Patriarch must be (a) Turkish, and (b) trained in a Turkish Theological school - but ignores the fact that the only Christian Theological College in Turkey was closed by the government in 1934,
Iran: Where Christians are routinely restricted, subject to discrimination and their churches closed or raided.

I will add -

Christians in Palestine and Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Libya.

In the last named I have personally experienced the sort of difficulty Christians experience daily. An "authorised" service for Christians was scheduled to be held in a school hall (Churches are severely restricted!) but the key holder decided to "go and visit relatives" 200 miles away on the afternoon of the service, taking the keys with him. It was illegal to hold the service anywhere else and it could not, for the same reason, be held in the open - as that would be deemed to be attempting to convert "the faithful" to Christianity. It took several phone calls and a number of appeals to people higher up the management tree to finally get an order to another key holder to open the building for the service.

I am aware of similar difficulties for many others in Palestine (Let's not forget the Hamas terrorists who occupied the Church of the Nativity in complete disregard for the desecration they would have not hesitated to raise murder and mayhem over if it had been a mosque!) and elsewhere in these Middle Eastern countries.

I will be praying too for the "enlightenment" of our politicians in the West ...

Though that may be a miracle too far.

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