Saturday, 15 October 2011

Good causes ...

I'd like to draw attention to a bit of a challenge raised in a comment yesterday and on a blog about a month ago. Check this post at "Not the six word novel" and then check out her other blog at  "The hundred poem challenge."

Jen suffers from a genetic disease likely to destroy her sight in the next few years. There is no treatment and no cure - at present. She has launched a challenge and an appeal to support the research into EEC Syndrome, which despite the initials, is nothing to do with the European Economic Community. It is in fact a genetic malfunction in a gene which controls the regeneration and renewal of the cornea. Transplants don't work, because the transplanted tissue is destroyed fairly rapidly by the malfunction.

An explanatory video can be found on The Hundred Poem Challenge along with a Donation Page. I would urge anyone reading this to at least visit the site and listen to the video. If you can, please support the appeal.

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