Thursday, 29 September 2011

Citizenship Education

I am advised that the UK government plans to drop "citizenship" teaching from the curriculum. Given that many young folk today grow up with no idea of the responsibilities of citizenship, let alone the duty owed by every citizen to the nation/state or people they are a part of, I doubt this is a good idea.

A new initiative called, appropriately, "Hands up who's bored" is aiming to try and close the gap and engage young people and interest them in politics and the processes of government. An idea of what its all about can be got from the YouTube link below and those who feel this should be supported by government might want to try the petition link.

The target group is ages 11 - 16 and the organisers are approaching schools to talk to the young people in their care. It has the support of O2 and a national campaign is getting under way to "save the Citizenship Education programme."  An advert is now appearing in Cinemas across Britain and can be see on YouTube. 

More information on the project can be found here:  there is also a picture petition there.
Maybe the government, in the words of Fagan in Dicken's "Oliver Twist" - better think it out again.

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