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Sunday, 18 September 2011


It's been a busy weekend. Yesterday we had a street party. The residents of our street came together, tents were pitched in front of one of the houses, "Schwenk-grills" were set up, children's games set up in the street and beer, grilled sausage and loads of salad supplied. Proceeds will go to support a school for blind children in Wiesbaden. It was great fun, and now the Monk finds himself with three "students" for English Conversation classes ...

Quid pro quo ... He gets to practice his German on them.

Today has been a rather autumnal day, though the Old Catholic community had their "Parish Meeting" after the Eucharist. Both were quite well attended and we also learned that our Pfarer has been elected to replace the retirning "Dekan" for this area. This is the equivalent of an Archdeacon in Anglican terms, so he will have a lot of extra responsibility to deal with.

And now the weekend is winding down and Monday looms for Mausi and a deadline for his presentations and papers for a conference for the Monk. Tempus obviously has a serious case of the fugits ...

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