Friday, 16 September 2011

Supporters of Genocide ...

Seems to be what the current British Government will become if they continue to allow the BBC among others, to spread the hate against Israel. Cranmer carries an excellent post on the sordid manner in which British prejudice is being openly exploited by those who wish to eradicate Israel from history. The post Palestine – no Jews, no gays, no gypsies... is well worth reading.

Do they not understand that a Palestinian declaration of statehood - based upon the 1967 'borders' and with the 'right of return' of several million Arabs - amounts to a declaration of war against Israel? How is it that Israel may be demonised simply for existing? How is it that she may be universally condemned for allegedly propagating the very evils which Palestine is seen to do with impunity?

We are treated to the spectacle of British politicians campaigning for the recognition of a "Palestinian State" while the leaders of this supposed "people" (Who didn't actually have a name or exist until the pedophile Yasser Arafat invented the title in the 1960s) openly proclaim that they intend to make the new state a "Jew Free" land. The PLO "Ambassador" has declared this publicly. Given that there are some 300,000 Jews who have lived in and around Hebron and in Samaria for several millennia, that can only mean one thing. Hamas make no secret of their intentions regarding anyone non-Muslim or non-Palestinain. Get out or die. As I recall, some 70 years ago our fathers and grandfathers were busy fighting a war over an attempt to exterminate the Jews in Europe.

Funny, isn't it, that the same bunch of politicians in the UK have campaigned to bring Serbian generals and politicians to trial in the Hague for doing what their Palestinian friends are now proposing to do to the Jews. Funny? Or is this a sign of the prejudice in the UK political classes? Israel is now branded an "Apartheid State" because of the way it treats the Palestinians - who don't live in Israel and are not Israeli citizens - at the security check points. They refuse to acknowledge that "Palestinians" who live in Israel and are Israeli citizens enjoy all the rights of Jewish citizens and do rather nicely thank you. But now, a bunch of self-serving, propaganda spouting politicians plan to give ascent, on behalf of the people of Britain, to yet another war to eradicate the Jews. If the draft Resolution goes through with the words "return to the 1967 borders" in it (Those words are NOT in the original UN Resolution), they will, by default, be giving Iran, Syria and every other Jihadi inclined Muslim state a license to launch an all out war.
It’s nothing to the Jews, of course. They’ve been there and done that numerous times – Seleucid Empire 167 BC; England 1290; Spain 1492; Goa 1552; Germany 1941 – to name but a few. Of course, other ethnic and religious groups have also suffered throughout history: Don Cossacks, Greeks, Armenians, Serbs, Roma, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Tibetans, Tutsis, Arabs, Muslims, Christians... The world has bent over backwards to prevent the repeat of such atrocities, and has occasionally directly intervened to preempt the return of such horrors.
Where, in the Arab world, has there been a Jewish President? No where; and you won't find a Christian in that position either, yet, in Israel, there has been an Arab President and there are "Palestinian" members sitting in the Knesset. Yes, there are problems in Israel and it, like most democratic states isn't always right and isn't perfect, but it is a damned sight more free and fair than any of its neighbours.

In using the term "Apartheid" in this manner they debase what that ideology actually stood for and did. Mind you, what can one expect of such passionate campaigners who know nothing at all about the philosophy that was "Nazi" or "Fascist" and now apply these labels to anyone who fails to share their particular point of view.

Would someone please take the BBC in hand and stamp on their constant stream of apologetics for the daily - yes, daily - rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza. Will someone in the government please stamp on the moronic Student Unions, Greens and other left wing clowns who are running these "boycott Israel" campaigns? Send the lot of them to live in their idealised states in the Middle East. A dose of the realities of those supposedly "nice" countries might just slap them into recognising reality.

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