Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Dreams and Ideologies...

Came across an interesting document recently. It purports to make a case for a sustainable economic future in what it describes as a "climate constrained world." Entitled "The Greenhouse Development Rights Framework" it tries to make a case for the redistribution of wealth by a different guise. What should not have surprised me was who the sponsors are. They include EcoEquity and Christian Aid.

The paper takes some reading. It is full of some tortured English words, such as "operationalization" and a few other choice gems. It is also full of the usual strident garbage contained in the Greenpeace authored chapters of the IPCC 4th Report.

Tellingly the passage that confirms, for me, that the authors are driven by ideology rather than reality there is this quote -

To be clear, this does not mean that the countries in which poor people live are
not required to cut their emissions, but rather that the global consuming class – both
within these countries and especially in the industrialized countries – are the ones
who must pay.

So it boils down to this. The evil people of the wealthy developed nations must give up their wealth, their industry and the things that made them wealthy - and give it to the "developing nations ...

The authors make clear their belief in the IPCC numbers, that the IPCC is correct and that all "warming" is down to Anthropomorphic activity is clear throughout. As I said at the beginning of this post, the report takes some reading, but having read it I am more than ever convinced that the authors and the protagonists of this type of report don't live in a world in which things like sustaining economies in order to provide jobs, sustaining incomes in order to maintain lifestyles and modern infrastructures play any part.

This is a report in which dreams and ideology are so mixed, reality doesn't even get a look-in. Sad really, because, while well intentioned, it essentially asks the "West" (Actually the US which is mentioned throughout as having to make the greatest sacrifices) to reduce its standards of living to that of the developing nations in the misguided belief that this will somehow translate into a better living standard for the poorer nations and peoples. While it talks of building "trust" between nations and the "politics" of distrust, it fails to recognise that there are very sound reasons for the distrust - such as the syphoning off of aid to Swiss Bank accounts by various "developing nation" leaders...

All that can really be said about it is that it does acknowledge the need for "developing nations" to reduce their emissions as well - though that is then destroyed by proposing that the US should destroy its economy and give away the proceeds to provide "sustainable" development for everyone else.

I think I'm more likely to encounter fairies in my garden than reality among those who believe they can stop the world and its climate changing naturally by attacking the key element to life - carbon.

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