Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Bureaucratic Garbage? Or Diplomatic Games?

Yesterday was frustrating in the extreme. Filled in all the forms, obtained all the photographs, certificate of insurance, proof of residence, etc., etc., etc... Then got told I have to produce a certified set of finger and palm prints before the visa will be processed.

Incandescent describes my mood, but it doesn't do to let that show, it only gives the little oiks satisfaction. After all, what this is really all about is putting "foreign devils" in their place and making sure they know they are absolutely powerless to resist. I suspect that this is a nice new way to annoy citizens of countries you are trying to irritate into starting a war - or to show them just how powerless they are to force anyone to change their politics or their stance on anything.

I'm not going to risk jeopardising my chances today by revealing which country I'm dealing with - some know anyway. I've been there numerous times and the people are great - the government sucks, big time, but that is not my problem. Of course, it isn't helped by well-meaning airheads constantly sounding off about how bad they are or by politicians making "gestures." All it breeds is a 'tat for tat' attitude and provides the 'bad hats' with more propaganda to play to the folks at home. "Look how easily we defy the British! We make them crawl to our demands and they can do nothing about it."

So, I look forward to another wasted day tomorrow, pursuing a visa for which I have already been "pre-approved" but for which I must now kowtow to the petty rules and stupid bureaucrats at the local consulate. It promises to be a frustrating waste of another day ...

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