Sunday, 11 September 2011

Ten Years On ...

Ten years ago today probably the worst act of premeditated mass murder of all time was perpertrated on the citizens of the US. It was marked by disgraceful displays of public rejoivcing in almost every Islamic country, yet today this is forgotten by the likes of the BBC and the Guardian who continue to spread the lie that it was a response to "Israeli intransigence and 'apartheid' activity."

Ten years on, Afghanistan is still a running sore, Islamism is on the rise, Israel is now the target of Left-wing mis-information and boycotts and Islamism continues to spread unchecked. There are still morons in the US and elsewhere who believe that the whole thing was somehow "engineered" by US President G W Bush and that Michael Moore's trashy film "Fahrenheit 911" is a "documentary."

One has to ask what the Liberal/Left think they may achieve by promoting the destruction of Israel and their support for openly terrorist organisations that make no secret of their intention of carrying out genocide at the first opportunity they have ...

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