Friday, 23 September 2011

Farewell is not Good Bye ...

Today, in roughly a half hour's time, my very dear friend Diana Matlock, nee' Batten, will be committed to the crematorium in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. For many at her funeral I expect prayer will be meaningless, a fact I find very sad indeed. I will mark the time and the event in my own way and in quiet. Much as I would have liked to attend this funeral I cannot, and I suspect I would have found the impersonal surroundings, the "prayer free" attitudes, the speeches and the tea party afterward disturbing.

Di and I had many discussions on faith and I live in the expectation that one day we will meet again in another place. As I wrote in my title, farewell is not Good Bye and Good Bye is not final. It is, in fact, a corruption of "God Bless You." I am deeply saddened by the thought that she is being despatched or disposed of in this rather faith free manner as I'm pretty sure she held onto her faith right to the end. Certainly the last time I spoke to her she spoke of prayer and the need to be prayed for. But I understand that most of her family have no faith and so their choice of disposal prevails.

So I will mark the time and the occasion here, and hopefully it will touch her soul and the hearts and minds of those attending.

Rest in peace, Di, all your friends are deeply saddened by your going, but we look forward to being reunited in due course.

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