Saturday, 3 September 2011

A date to remember ...

On the 3rd September, 1939, the "Great Appeaser," Prime Minister of Britain, Mr Neville Chamberlain addressed Parliament and declared that an Ultimatum had been delivered to Mr Hitler, demanding the withdrawal of German troops from Poland. He completed his rather short statement with the words -

"I have to tell you that no such undertaking has been received, and that consequently this country is at war with Germany."

By the time it was over in 1945, Britain had lost a million soldiers and civilians, Germany lost 13 million on the Russian Front alone and another 7 million elsewhere, the Russian losses tallied over 20 million (mainly due to Stalin's insane demand for "attack, attack, attack. It does not matter how many die!") France lost another million, Italy similar numbers. Over a half million German PoWs, simply "vanished" in Russian Camps and the survivors weren't repatriated until after 1949.

All for a lunatic ideology, a pernicious one, which has many faces and guises and is not, as so many believe today a "Right Wing" ideology. Study of the ideas which gave rise to it and some of the things it brought into public life and action are to be found in Marx and Jung. Nazi-ism was Corporatist Socialism as was Mussolini's Fascist Party, with Mussolini himself having Communism as his training ground. Among the many things it espoused were "secularist society, welfare provision, racial superiority supported by "Eugenics" (An extension of Darwin's Evolutionary Theory much favoured by some British thinkers and scientists including Huxley, Russell, Shaw and many of the politicians of the time), ethnic cleansing and the suppression of opposition by, initially, smear campaigns, then outright propaganda and finally, ghettos and death camps.

Sound familiar? It should, just take a look at some of the campaigns currently being run by the likes of the Socialist Worker's Party, Campaign for Choice, the Anti-Facist League, the Liebor Party and sections of the Left-wing media.

In remembering the failure of Mr Chamberlain's appeasement policies, we should also remember the lies that so many desperately wanted to believe they blinded themselves to reality. The cost was far, far higher than we think.

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