Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Cranmer's Law ...

The terrific Blog, Cranmer, has come up with one of those definitions that requires considerably wider circulation. In his own words -

His Grace promulgates ‘Cranmer’s Law’, in honour of the memory of the one who was ‘an heretick’ no matter what he wrote, recanted, preached or proclaimed. He dared to articulate a view contrary to the state’s received orthodoxy, and duly paid the price. ‘Heretic’ has today simply been supplanted with ‘bigot’; ‘heresy’ with ‘hate speech’. But it is the same spirit of blind intolerance which is seen to possess even the most intelligent of commentators.

CRANMER’S LAW: “No matter how decent, intelligent or thoughtful the reasoning of a conservative may be, as an argument with a liberal is advanced, the probability of being accused of ‘bigotry’, ‘hatred’ or ‘intolerance’ approaches 1 (100%).”

Observe, declare and disseminate far and wide.

It encapsulates very succinctly the problem with almost every attempt at debate by those whose views are not shared by the extreme Left, Liberals or the terminally Politically Correct. It does deserve further dissemination.

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