Friday, 9 September 2011

The "West Lothian Question"

Ever since Blair meddled with the UK Constitution, unwritten though it was, the English have suffered the indignity of having Scottish, Welsh and Irish MPs, most of the first two socialist Liebor Members, voting on issues that did not apply to their own constituents. This enabled Blair to ram through legislation that was deeply unpopular in England and only adopted in a very different and watered down form in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The present government has now begun to consider how best to address this issue. A report from Associated Press says they are setting up a "Commission" to consider the options. One you may be absolutely certain will never appear on the table is to give England its own Parliament, free of Welsh, Scottish or Irish MPs.

One of the more difficult issues here is the Union itself and though, if you travel to Wales or Scotland you will hear how the "English" have oppressed and "robbed" both those nations, what you will not be told is that Scotland has a disproportionate number of MPs in Westminster, or that most of the most Socialist Prime Ministers have been either Scottish or Welsh. Nor will you hear how England has been deliberately villianised and its internal divisions fostered and deliberately multiplied by successive Liebor governments.

What Blair (Scottish), Brown (Scottish), John Smith (Scottish), Kinnock (Welsh), Callaghan (Scottish) or any of their predecessors will not admit, particularly now, is that the only way Liebor can gain a majority is to have all the Welsh and Scottish MPs they can get. It is the Liebor propaganda which has now come back to haunt them. Over the years they have preached that the English have oppressed and suppressed Scottish and Welsh prosperity while pouring funds into both from England. Now they face increasingly powerful separatist movements in both "heartlands." Sadly, the poison, once spread, has damaged relations between three peoples almost, I suspect, to destruction.

I doubt very much the Commission will address anything other than a mechanism to ensure that only those MPs whose constituents are affected by a piece of legislation will vote on it. At least it is a start.

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