Monday, 12 September 2011

New Cover Art for Their Lordships Request ...

A change of artwork for the cover of Their Lordships Request is in progress, the new cover was designed by Kura Carpenter in New Zealand at the behest of the ePublisher, 46 South Publishing. As I was never terribly happy with the artwork (my own!) for the original cover, I've decided to withdraw it and use the new cover.

I tested the response to it with a large slice of my readers and others and the cover you now see incorporates some of their comments and is the one identified by most as "the one!" Suffice it to say the Publisher loved it and, since he's the man selling it ...

The "face of Harry" is a young man from Wiesbaden named Lukas who thought it hugely amusing to be posing as an 18th Century British/Irish Midshipman...


  1. Glad you finally got a cover!

  2. Yes, not your first choice, but the publisher and most others liked it!