Monday, 4 November 2013

Ten Years of Blogging

Today is the tenth anniversary of my starting a blog. I can scarcely believe it has been this long, and it has certainly gone through a number of changes, and seen many more, along the way. I think the most appropriate way to mark this milestone is to pay tribute to those who have shared the journey, who read my ramblings and occasionally leave comments and suggestions for posts. Some have even joined me in posting their thoughts here.

So I have to say thanks to Ozguru, also known as Gil, who first got me blogging on his then website, back in 2001. Sadly I have been unable to retrieve those early posts., so now count as my first, this one. When that website became too big for his management (and the demands of family and normal day job) we migrated to PixyMisa's MuNu site. The only problem being that, as Ozguru set it all up, I had difficulty getting into the settings to sort out one or two problems, and he didn't have the time to. So, eventually, and rather sadly, I migrated to the present host, Blogger.

Sadly, I've had to record the passing of a few friends, and seen the closure of several blogs as well. Church Mouse edited many of my posts and introduced me to a range of interesting characters and bloogers. She regularly fed me items of interest to blog about as well. Sadly, she died of cancer a little over four years ago, gone, but certainly not forgotten. I have been joined on the blog by Mausi, VC, formerly The Postulant and now Josephus all of whom have, from time to time, posted and contributed and who still contribute with suggestions and ideas.

I've ranted about politics and politicians, pondered some of the deeper mysteries of life, theology and history. I've celebrated some of my successes and shared some of my failures. It often surprised me that anyone read my thoughts, but it also encouraged me to broaden my writing and get some of it published. That has been an adventure all of its own.

So here it is, my tenth anniversary Blog Post. I can only wonder what the next ten years will bring with them.


  1. Slim Jim says: Congratulations on your tenth anniversary post and well done! I for one enjoy your blog and read it regularly. Your writings range from the incomprehensible to the inspirational, but you choose to share your wisdom and knowledge not just with me and your other regular, but the entire world! This is what advanced technology and communication has given us, and free speech is a precious commodity, especially with the current attempts by the British political class to muzzle the press. Will they turn on the internet? You bet, but if they do we will fight them tooth and nail. Once again, well done, and please keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you, Slim Jim, I hope that not too many of my ramblings are in the 'incomprehensible' category!

  3. Slim Jim replies: Of course not, O Monk! It was not intended to be derogatory, it's simply that at times your sagacity is beyond a thicko like me!

  4. Often opinionated but frequently hitting the nail upon the head I continue to enjoy all of your posts, however, since the Monk changed service providers, I do not get the facebook reminders, so sometimes miss a day or two.

  5. I for one greatly enjoy my forays into your blog - as an old colleague I find them quite personally connected at times - In some ways I wish when we were in harness I had had more time to talk with you ( we wouldn't have come to blows as you are much taller than me!) Anyway - please continue to entertain and enlighten. us - it is a pleasure. As an irreverent comic used to say - and may your God go with you. Didymus.