Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Media Bias: Reflections of Political bias?

An interesting recent development is the change of direction on the subject of Israel by the Australian Federal government. The announcement by the Australian Foreign Minister that Australia would once again 'support' Israel in the UN General Assembly has triggered the usual torrent of outrage from the pro-Palestinian media sources. The fact is that the General Assembly is one of the reasons I personally consider the UN to be a complete waste of space and money. What the Minister has exposed is the fact that it is biased. There can be no resolution of the vexed question of the existence of Israel or of the status of the 'Palestinian State' - a UN General Assembly fiction - unless and until the General Assembly stops its anti-Israel campaigns.

As one of the General Assembly's interpreters accidentally exposed in an unguarded remark on an 'open' microphone -

I mean, I think when you have five statements, not five, like a total of ten resolutions on Israel and Palestine, there’s gotta be something, c’est un peu trop, non? [It’s a bit much, no?] I mean I know… There’s other really bad shit happening [around the world], but no one says anything about the other stuff.
and this was just a reference to a single session! The fact is that many of the ambassadors seated in the General Assembly are anti-Israel and anti-Jew. Many represent regimes that are far from democratic, do not respect 'human rights' of their own citizens, and have no intention of allowing anyone to discuss their own offences. So Israel makes a perfect 'whipping boy' and the mass media of the world thrives on it since it feeds into the inherent anti-Semitic rhetoric of the socialist left. Oh yes, they always deny that, claiming that being 'anti-zionist' or 'anti-Israel' isn't the same as being 'anti-semitic'. Some go further and claim that as 'all Middle Eastern peoples, including the 'Palestinians' are 'Semitic Peoples' being anti-Israel can't be anti-semitic'. All I can say, in polite language, is garbage. This is pure and simple semantics, splitting hairs and trying to hide their hatred behind yet another web of lies.
The fact is that 'Palestine' didn't exist in name before the British Mandate, and then it included all of what is now the Kingdom of Jordan. The Roman 'Province' actually included all of Syria and Lebanon and most of the Sinai and the British application of the name to the lands of the ancient kingdoms Judea, Israel, and the Transjordan was, as usual, a result of a Whitehall/Westminster misinterpretation of the history. It gets worse, of course, when you realise that there were no such people as 'Palestinians' until Yasser Arafat named the refugees that in the 1970s - and the Arab world immediately saw the political capital to be made out of playing this 'racist' card at every opportunity. And the Jew hating western intelligentsia fell for it.
The UN General Assembly completely ignores that fact that the 1948 'Peace' agreement actually accepted an Israel that included what is now called 'the Occupied Territories' and the whole of Jerusalem. The 'occupiers' immediately after the Agreement was signed, were Jordan and Egypt, who invaded Israel in a surprise attack before the ink on the signatures was even dry. From 1948 until they were ejected in the 1967 war, Jordan and Egypt had massive military presences in both the West Bank (which the King of Jordan regarded as part of his 'Kingdom', and Gaza, which Egypt treated as a 'province'.  Political chicanery at the UN between the UK, the Arab world, the USSR and the 'emerging' nations of Africa and elsewhere, slowly but surely managed to undermine, in the minds of their electorates, the 1948 agreement. Since the 1970s we have been fed a constant diet of Israel being the 'occupiers' and the Arabs as 'the liberators'. Now, we are fed the fiction that Israel is an 'apartheid' state which 'denies the Palestinians their rights'. 
Central to this is, of course, the Jewish 'settlers' moving into the 'Palestinian' lands. I find it interesting that the land for these 'settlements' is being bought and paid for at market prices. Nor is the money coming from the Israeli state, it is private money, and private enterprise which is doing it. The land isn't being 'seized' or 'confiscated' as some media reports have it. Plus, the Israeli government doesn't grant permission for new settlements, it does so only in those areas that it will never include in any future 'redistribution' of land, largely in the area immediately adjacent to Jerusalem itself. But that is not how it is reported by the biased and bigoted western media.
What is NOT reported by the western media, or discussed in the UN General Assembly, is the daily refusal of the Arab/Muslim media, governments and peoples to honour agreements that give Jewish worshippers access to some of the most sacred places in the Jewish faith. Jews are regularly harassed if the attempt to visit the Temple Mount, and are forbidden to pray there. The monthly pilgrimages to the Tomb of Joseph in Judea (part of the West Bank) is regularly reported in Arab media as a 'Jewish Invasion of sacred sites to practise Talmudic rituals'. This is an effort to equate any practise of worship by Jews as the practise of some of the more unsavoury falsehoods of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Sadly most of the western anti-Jew journalists do believe that this Tsarist forgery is the truth - as did a certain Hr. Hitler. In fact the Protocols are a text book in many Muslim schools in that region supposedly to 'warn the children not to trust Jews'. But, of course, that can't be 'anti-semitic' because it's Semites calling Semites names - isn't it?
Why do western journalists and intelligentsia of the left hate the Jews? Why do they wish to destroy Israel? In the UK I suspect it has to do with the fact that the Jews refused to be the victims of a second Holocaust and rejected the British 'solution' for Palestine. Whitehall and Westminster wanted to hand the whole of that territory to the Jordanians, despite the declared intention of the Jordanians of 'cleansing' the land of 'Jews'. As in India, the British government felt the locals were just being childish and would settle the 'squabble'. If they didn't - well, it wasn't going to be 'our' problem any longer. So they staffed the Jordanian army with British officers, set up an all Arab police force and then scuttled out from under. It didn't quite go to plan. The nasty Jews ended up in possession of everything west of the Jordan, and the Arabs who had 'escaped' on the advice of their own side, wound up dispossessed.
The UK did its best at the negotiating table at the fledgling UN to prevent the deal, but, in the end, had to accept the de facto 'Two State' solution in being. The Arabs wouldn't, so immediately they left the negotiating table - attempted to rub out the new state. And they lost. Since then there has been a campaign of propaganda against Israel. Two more wars have taught them nothing, and the passage of time has taught those supposedly intelligent westerners who hate Israel nothing either.
Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish state and its religious centre for almost 3,000 years. Since the recovery of East Jerusalem quite a lot of evidence of this has been found - despite the efforts of some sections of the archaeological profession to suppress or 'reinterpret it. More would be found if the Waqf (the committee of Muslims who control, by international agreement which Israel honours) in charge of 'protecting' the Al Aqsa mosque would allow the proper examination of the site. Instead they have embarked on a deliberate campaign to destroy all traces of any Jewish presence there - even undermining the mount itself in building massive subterranean 'mosques' in the face of advice to the contrary. It's all an Israeli attempt to destroy the mosque and rebuild the Temple according to them. Despite all the claims made by Muslim 'scholars' to Jerusalem being the third 'holiest' site in Islam, it is not mentioned even once in the Quran. Not as Al Quds or as Jerusalem. The 'Prophet' was never there, and it was not until the Arab conquests that it became anything at all to their faith. But, of course, truth is the first casualty in any propaganda war - and this is a war of hate speak and hate propaganda. 
I suspect there are two main reasons there are so many in the west who cannot bring themselves to accept the right of the Jewish people to exist. The first is religious. Many fundamentalist Christians still cling to a far too literal interpretation of parts of the New Testament. The gospel of John is NOT anti-Jew. He uses the term 'The Jews' (in the KJV) to refer to the ruling classes who were, like our present generation, 'religious' when they needed to be and the rest of the time denigrated everything and anything about their faith. Thus, the utterances so often quoted by the religious Jew haters, is misunderstood and misinterpreted. They should direct their bile at the rulers of every land - not just Israel. The second is a perception of self-righteousness. Israel dares to try to behave like a 'western' democracy in a region where none 'should' exist.
Israel is a democratic state. It has first class hospitals, every Israeli citizen has a vote, there are even 'Palestinians' in the Knesset as elected representatives. If we listen to certain 'Christian' media, Christianity is being 'driven out' by the Israelis, but that isn't the truth - the numbers of Christians with Israeli citizenship is increasing. Israel is a 'secular' state and all religions are free to practise there. It must be one of the ironies that the so-called 'Palestinains' could end their isolation tomorrow by simply voting to become Israeli citizens, but you won't find that being discussed anywhere by the pro-Palestinian support teams. Israel's 'crime' in the eyes of western supporters of 'Palestine' is that it does practise 'western values' for its population. As one such campaigner put it; "they claim to be supporters of western values - so we must hold them to a higher standard than we expect of their neighbours." There we have the double standard. Israel must obey the standards set by the anti-Israel campaigners and become like the dictatorships all the rest of the Arab-Islamic world suffers. Presumably so these bleeding hearts can feel sorry for the 'poor downtrodden Jews' when they are again subjected to a renewed Holocaust.
The Australian government has taken a bold step. It is to be hoped that the US, the EU and the UK will now step up to the mark and take a similar stance. The PLO, Fatah and Hamas have made plain their ambitions - not for a state in the West Bank and Gaza, but for the control of the whole of Israel. The PLO representative to the UN is on record saying he supports the expulsion of every Jew from Israel, but there has not been a single mention of this in the western media. Ironic isn't it that I read this in a Middle Eastern source.  

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