Monday, 21 May 2018

Contemplating a change of name

As I am no longer active in any sort of ministry, I think it is perhaps time to change the name of this blog to something which reflects where I find myself in terms of writing, living and all the things that go with it. In truth, the last few years have been a challenge in several ways as I have tried to get my writing refined, my books selling and juggling home, family, writing, and publishing demands. Then there is research, developing ideas and plotlines, promoting the books in print and, of course, pulling my weight around the house.

The Shelties definitely think I should devote more time to them, but that means less time to write ... A nice little balancing act I think.

So, what do I, in my alte ego under my own name, plan for 2018 and the future? First of all there is a new Harry Heron story in the process of publication. It will appear (all things proceeding smoothly) in early July. Harry Heron: Savage Fugitive is the fo urth book in the series. It will be followed by at least two more. I want to pick up some of the characters I created in A Baltic Affair and Limehouse Boys in some new stories set in the 19th Century, and I have been playing with a few other ideas as well. The biggest problem is devoting the time writing demands to the task. Sir Terry Pratchett once said that writing is the most fun you can have on your own, and he was right. The problem is there is a fine balance when one is married, has family and other responsibilities ...

So, my solution at present is to try and find a way to make more use of my blog and my website, Harry Heron, to market my writing. I hope it will allow me to use this blog as a sounding board to discuss the books and share my thoughts on writing fiction and, perhaps, occasionally to share my thoughts on other matters. For now, I will leave the blog name as it is while I think up something more appropriate. And that will now have to wait while I make a brief visit to family and friends in my former stamping grounds.

Inspiration may be triggered there!

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