Monday, 10 December 2012

Doha: More Hot Air ...

So the Doha jamboree for wealthy, over educated, under employed and pampered 'activists' and their current crop of cult 'scientists,' PR people and orchestraters is over. They have been thwarted in their efforts to raise the 'cuts' they think are so essential, and have had to settle for agreement to extend the Kyoto Accord for another eight years.

Ignoring, for the moment, the fact that the 'numbers' in the Kyoto Agreement have little actual scientific value - they were selected purely on the political expediency that everyone present nodded in the right place - what has Kyoto actually achieved?

The answer is, apparently, very little in terms of arresting "climate change." Some would argue it has done a great deal of damage to western economies as those government's have introduced massive programmes intended to cut the target emissions which have had the effect of driving costs up astronomically. At the same time, China, India, Brazil and many others, have more or less ignored the agreement and for every reduction achieved by any given western government, increased their pollution exponentially. As ever, when the science is subsumed to serve political agendas and ideologies, the science very quickly becomes very questionable - especially the 'science' being pushed through PR handouts and Press Releases.

Worse, when anyone questions inaccuracies in these, you are subject to abusive name-calling, calls for being 'excluded' or barred from any platform. The BBC has now itself been exposed for a bias in the matter of "Anthropomorphic Global Warming" with the exposure of their "secret" seminar, where all the speakers turned out to be AGW advocacy campaigners, which lead to the decision to exclude anyone who expressed doubt on the 'science' they wished to promote. The real problem here is that nearly all these 'Climate Advocacy' groups are now run by people with an avowedly anti-business and socialist/Leninist agenda.

Take a carefull look at the messages they are running, the "climate change" message is increasingly mixed in with "anti-poverty" and "wealth redistribution" messages. Climate Change, we are told, will drive more people in "developing nations" into "poverty" or "prevent their being lifted out of poverty." Appeals for saving the whales or the polar bears are slowly being replaced by images of dirty slums, forest fires or the victims of "extreme weather events." Tropical Storm Sandy is constantly refered to as a "hurricane" which it wasn't (based on wind speeds when it hit New York) and now the typhoon in Mindanao is being talked up as well.

No one who has read the papers, and studied the wealth of information available on the subject, should be in any doubt that changes are occurring in the global climate systems. What is in dispute is how much impact industrial activity is having. If one believes the anti-capitalist Advocacy Groups, it is all atributable to "western Capitalist greed," but they conveniently ignore that the worst polluters in history have all been the centrally planned and controlled economies of the socialist/communist governments they wish to recreate. If one also really examines the problem holistically the biggest problem is the unrestrained expansion of human populations. If one excludes immigration from the numbers the majority of western nations would be showing a decline in population. That is not true of the "developing" nations where the populations are still exploding and that is resulting in over use of land, stripping and destruction of forests and habitats and placing large numbers of people in areas where they are more likely to be hit by flooding, hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones.

I get the feeling that the reason most government's have refused to adopt new "limits" to emissions for the simple reason they can see the pointlessness of it. I think that perhaps, rather like the boy who constantly cried 'wolf' many others have started to see the agenda hidden behind the attractive facade and realised the impact it will have on them and the things they have worked to achieve. It may also be that many government's have, at last, like King Cnut's courtiers, realised they cannot hold back the tide.

What we should never forget is that all these "Advocacy Groups" are now multi-million dollar corporations. They need to keep their fingers in the government tills and our wallets - that is probably the least ethical aspect of the whole affair. Consider, for a moment, the cost of the Doha Jamboree. Now ask the important question. Who paid for it?

The simple answer is: You. And you will continue paying for it whether you like it or not until someone, somewhere, says - enough! Or, alternnatively, we bankrupt our economies which seems to be what these young, well heeled and funded activists want.

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