Friday, 21 December 2012

The World Ends Today ...


The origins of this particular bit of doomsday prophecy don't come from the Mayans, it has its roots in a rambling, magic mushroom inspired but of writing from the 1970s. It is merely one of the latest bits of misinformed drivel so beloved of a vocal and sometimes aggressive group now labelled by some as "conspiracy theorists." Frankly, I doubt they're even that. Their main stock in trade seems to be a form of paranoia. "They/It/The universe/The Government" are out to get us. "They/It/The Universe/The Government is hiding the truth! We're all gonna die!" Yahoo News has a good article covering five examples of "the end of the world is today!" which never happened.

The Monk, Mausi and our pup Harry will not be waiting on any mountain tops, nor will we be battening down any hatches and stocking up for the seige. Our day will be spent in all our usual activities as we prepare to celebrate Christmas.

See you all again tomorrow, the first day of the rest of our lives.

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