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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A Real Threat to Society?

Recently there has been a worrying development in the debate over the "science" of the "anthropomorphic climate change" argument. True Believers in the AGW narrative have long labelled those who dare to disagree with their "faith" and the Green agenda to de-industrialise and "de-carbonise" the US, UK and Europe, as "deniers" and trot out all manner of insulting and often completely misleading statements about "Big Oil" or "Big Coal" paying "contrarians" to challenge the "science" they believe is "settled" beyond all reasonable doubt.

The latest tactic is contained in this statement from one of the leading AGW promoters in the US -
"You have to get to... where a major candidate for public office is disqualified when he or she denies climate science.” -- Brian Schatz
I looked up who this man is, and found he is a career politician from Hawai, currently 'appointed' to the US Senate by the Governor of Hawai to fill a vacancy caused by the death of the elected incumbent. He was, until this 'promotion' a Congressman in the State Legislature and Lt. Governor. We should all be extremely concerned by statements like this, made by people like Mr Schatz. It reveals a great deal about how the "Liberal-Left" view freedom of speech and a raft of toher hard-won rights and freedoms our fathers, grandfathers, their spouses and many more of our forefathers fought for. It is only one step away from declaring that any statement the politically correct deem unacceptable is a criminal offence. The first step in rescinding our right to dissent on a raft of things. Oh, wait, we already have that situation already.

No budding politician would dare to declare themselves "Christian" or that they don't believe in "Global Warming", or perhaps that "Multiculturalism" is a bad idea. Nor would they dare to opine that the "Green" energy policy currently being pursued by western governments is likely to lead to a major power shortage, or that de-industrialising will destroy our economic base. Already we can't criticise the mass immigration policies of the Left-Liberal governments anywhere, or the abusers of social security benefits. We cannot 'profile' anyone who might belong to a minority group known to be disposed toward crime, terrorism or anti-social behaviours. We cannot practice our Christian faith outside of church or home because it is "offensive" to atheists, Muslim extremists and secularists. As for criticising the extremists who want to blow western Christian-based cultures off the face of the earth ...

In my opinion, anyone in any position of authority or influence who makes a statement like that I quote above should be immediately removed from public office and forbidden from ever again holding one. Am I alone at finding it interesting that Left-Liberals like Mr Schatz are so quick to label anyone who disagrees with them as "Fascists"? Funny that, their own tactics, statements and actions are more akin to that brand of ideology than it is to the OED definition of a "liberal" ...

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