Monday, 10 June 2013

Sheltie Walking

Sheltie walking is the Monk's latest 'hobby', though it helps keep him in shape as well. Harry is an active little fellow and enjoys his garden and the toys he has to play with. He loves company as well, so we regularly meet with other Sheltie owners and take walks in scenic areas. It allows all the Shelties to socialise and to play as well. So, last Saturday, we took a walk in Woerrstadt-Neuborn with ten other people and seventeen Shelties.
Harry, Artus, Finja and Larry, waiting patiently for their humans to get going.

Two blue merles waiting in the shade.

Plenty of interesting things to be investigated while we wait ...

Herding their people and exploring the fields.

Refreshment stop. Portable water dishes and water dispensing at the half-way. They're all terribly polite and wait a turn at the water.

Human refreshment break. Oh well, wait in the 'fall-out' zone in case anything snackable drops.

Harry, Artus and friend taking a break from more entertaining games.

They had fun, we had an enjoyable walk in the warm shunshine, and a little amusement when the Shelties found the stream, some lovely pools, some lovely cool water to splash in, share with each other and their owners. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of them in that game. If you have never seen Shelties racing each other and the sheer exuberance they show for enjoying themselves, you've missed something.


  1. Slim Jim says:
    Since you mentioned 'fall-out zones', I hope you checked the soles of your shoes after that walk!

    1. They're far too cultured to make deposits on the pathways ...

  2. Love it. Wish we had that here.