Friday, 19 July 2013

Wedding Bells

Today the Monk, Mausi and Harry are attending the wedding of the Monk's youngest daughter to a super young man, whose surname just happens to be the same as the Monk's middle name. The are being wed in the Parish church of St Mark, Bromley South, where Alli was once in the choir and the Monk a Reader.

The Monk hopes his readers will join him in wishing the happy couple a long, happy and fruitful marriage. He is preaching at the wedding by invitation, the first time he will be standing in that particular pulpit since he moved to Gloucestershire 21 years ago.

As you may imagine, the Monk is delighted.

Blogging over the next few weeks may be erratic as the Monk and Mausi take Harry on a short tour of the South West following the wedding.


  1. Best wishes to the new couple!!! And I hope the three of you enjoy your tour.

  2. Slim Jim says: I hope they have a very happy life together. If you happen to be near our neck of the woods, why not give us a call? All the best!